Tormenting Your Ex!

I’ve noticed that many people sometimes torment their ex lovers after a bad break-up. Some women spread rumours about their ex-boyfriends because he cheated on her continually, or maybe he dumped her for another hot number. Some men stalk their ex-girlfriends or give their new boyfriends fake warnings about the girl. Either way, tormenting your ex is a malicious thing to do, and there is absolutely nothing to gain in doing so.

How on earth is telling people he has all sorts of diseases, and smashing his ride going to help you. Saying she’s psychotic or that she’ll want to marry after a few weeks of dating will not make you happy. All you’re doing is defaming their reputation and making yourself seem like a disgruntle (moronic) ex love. In the end you’re only making you look bad. It affects you both.

Another reason for them to torment their ex is because they’ve developed the “I want you back” sickness. This complex is basically referring to the “lingering spirits” who keep calling their ex lover’s phone and either hanging up, showing up at their place of work, visiting their family’s home, only to declare how much they still love and want them in their lives. Note to these clueless people, if you’re being told that you’re annoying and he/she keeps repeating “I despise you”, please leave them alone and get a life.

I realized that many of these lingering ex-lovers often want to become friends, especially if they weren’t friends to begin with. It doesn’t take an expert to know that people sometimes want what others have; for example, your ex wants you back because you’re with someone knew. Basically you only know what you had until its gone. My advice to anyone who is going through this phase, (get counselling…jk) avoid the ex in general.

What do you guys think about this? Have you tormented your ex?

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