Ayumi “does it again” with a “love song”

I found these two short music videos online by Jpop queen Ayumi Hamasaki. “Love Song” depicts some sort of loss, while “Do It Again” shows Ayumi being oblivious to a disaster around her. These two singles are included on Ayumi’s 12th album “Love Songs“, which will be released December 22, 2010.

Both music videos are quite interesting, so I advise you to check both out below and watch the entire thing when it’s release later on:


If you’re a fan of Jpop or interested in hearing something new outside the norm of what you’re used to, then check out Ayumi Hamasaki’s music. She’s actually quite good.


source: youtube.com/Ayu

One thought on “Ayumi “does it again” with a “love song”

  1. I love Ayumi Hamasaki! I’ve been listening to her ever since I got into Jpop almost seven years ago. Love Songs is really good. I’m a big fan of Do It Again! Like A Doll and Aria are some of my other favorites as well as the sweet Final Fantasy-esque November. The cover is also really pretty. πŸ™‚ Ayu is definitely an artist worth checking out!

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