Spice Increase!

Making a relationship last takes a lot of work, and sometimes a little added spice to keep the flame burning high. Doing the same things daily can lead to boredom, and often leaves couples wondering in different (new) directions. Of course it’s not all about sex, but that is an important part of the communication between the two, and sometimes needs a little improvement to keep it fresh and spontaneous.

Spicing up a relationship doesn’t necessarily mean trying new food, however there are some natural aphrodisiacs that can up the level in the relationship. For example,  serotonin and phenethylamine are two power stimulants inside chocolate. Both these stimulants are called the “happiness harmone”, because they are contributors to feelings of well-being (emotional/physical satisfaction).

Couples can also spice up their relationships by trying or exploring new things: new positions, foreplay, and other imaginative ideas or fantasies, take exotic dance lessons, etc. Don’t be afraid of inviting romance into your relationship, it’s not a job but rather a gift to be able to share love with someone, so be sure to let them know that. Also, taking time to plan a vacation to some exotic location is always a plus and should be done frequently.

If you’re spending too much time together, or having sex every single day, maybe spending a little time apart can help if you’ve gotten bored. This is not to say being together everyday is wrong, but if you’re trying different things and still feel bored together then maybe the separation will help.

In the end, if nothing’s working at all, and you’ve spent a lot (and i mean a whole lot) of time trying to figure out how to up the volume and still no change, then try seeing other people, without seeing each other. This of course should be the last resort, if the love and passion has all died.

This is just in my opinion, I’m no expert. So what do you guys think about this?

Share your positive thoughts, not your animosity!!

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