“I love you, but you’re a lunachic”

I’ve noticed that in today’s society, most men tend to get involved with crazy women. Why is that so? Is it that they like all the drama of these “lunachics”? I think so. Maybe they’re trying to feed the male ego by dating these kind of girls; they often depict themselves as the hero, saving a damsel in distress, or someone to “fix” things. Note to the men doing this kind of thing, a relationship is not a house.

I think it also has something to do with the fact that men want a crazy chick in bed. So they’re probably thinking, if she’s crazy day-to-day then she must be in bed also. Some guys are looking for that adrenaline. Having a crazy girlfriend can bring lots of drama but somehow it makes them feel excited and alive. She’s bringing the “party” into his dull and boring life. Interesting!

I wonder if it’s also a distraction from all the stress they’re going through. A guy dating a girl with issues that he has to take care of distracts him from all the stuff he has going on in his own life. Sad but true. However, he needs to realize that by doing this, he’ll only make his problems worse.

Could it be that some of these guys are “unaware” of the girls not so normal behavior? Sometimes they make an excuse saying “she’s crazy? or maybe it’s me that doesn’t understand her?” Maybe he’s used to such things in his family or wherever else, that he’s considered this sort of behavior normal. Could it be mommy issues? I’m just saying, if that is the case then he needs something called “therapy”.

Well this is all in my opinion of why guys are attracted to crazy girls. What do you think attracts guys to “lunachics”?



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