Indigo Charlie’s 10 Quickies

Indigo Charlie is a singer and songwriter with a lot to share with music lovers worldwide. Indigo wants to create music that let people tap into their emotions, and with her style and talent, she’s about to do just that.

Be sure to read our interview with Indigo, and check out her ’10 quickie’ responses below:


1. What is your one-line positive thinking mantra?

“Be Beautiful. Be Pure. Be Fly.”


2. Describe your personality?

I’m loudly reserved with a smile.  That sounds all over the place, I know, but that is who I am.  People would call me a free spirit who always smiles and would stop the world to help a friend, but most people definitely don’t know my feelings, my thoughts and me.  I’m private in that sense.  I save those parts of me for my music.


3. What practices have you adopted that have led to a healthier lifestyle?

From a physical aspect I drink a gallon of green tea a day. Also, the book “Juice For Life” keeps me healthier then ever. I honestly believe everyone should buy a juicer.  Juiced ginger and green apple cures all, I swear by it. From an emotion stand point I focus on myself and don’t harbor negative feelings in my heart for anything hurtful I’ve experienced because all that does it eat away at your insides.  A healthy happy you starts on the inside.


4. The world is going green, have you embraced the trend?

Honestly, I can’t say I have fully embraced it yet, but I am trying to. My Godmother, CeCe, is a great inspiration for that though because, she makes her own compost, has her own vegetable garden, the special light bulbs, recycles, etc. I want the environment to be good to me, so I probably should return the favor.   We do recycle though.


5. Provide us with a few tips and tricks for holistic living?

A few of my favorite holistic living tips are….

1.  Make wise choices about what you put in or on your body.

2. Breathe deeply

3. Express yourself creatively

4.  Have an open heart

5.  Let go of anger and hate, it only hurts YOU.

6. Describe your fashion style?

Vintage! Vintage! Vintage! You can find me on the weekend digging through racks of new arrivals in a local vintage shop looking for stand out pieces. Looking through racks and chests excites me, it’s like one big scavenger hunt. The dress I wore in the “Never Change” remix video was from a beautiful vintage store in LA.


7. How do you unwind after a long week?

When I get a chance to breathe I honestly love to sit down on my couch, grab my cheetah snuggie and fall into Tivo Heaven. Losing myself in the lives of Addison Montgomery from Private Practice, Meredith Grey from Greys Anatomy, Dr. Reid from Criminal Minds, and so many more is lovely.  Solving a mystery or feeling their heartbreak is a great escape from my hectic week.


8. What empowers you?

God and the journey I am on empower me. I have trust in Him and the path he has me on, which gives me the strength and powerful energy to push for my life and what I want for myself and my loved ones.


9. What is your favorite cuisine?

Of course being from California it’d be disrespectful to not say sushi, which I love so much. The raw-er the better I always say. I’m quite adventurous when it comes to sushi.  A close second to sushi would be ANYTHING my mom makes. My goodness, does she “throw down” in the kitchen.  I don’t plan on leaving this house any time soon. She cooks every single night. Nothing really compares to her home made meals.


10. How do you creatively express yourself?

Music, painting, and through my personal style are all different ways I express myself.  When it comes to my music, I am at my most honest.  I talk about how I feel in a way that during regular conversation, most wouldn’t understand.  Painting is great because you don’t have to be good at it. Sometimes just splatter on canvas tells a beautiful chaotic story.  My style emulates how I feel inside and I can show my mood and the beautiful bright and dark colors I feel inside.


For more about Indigo Charlie, visit her official pages:

One thought on “Indigo Charlie’s 10 Quickies

  1. I love her mantra and also the fact that she mentioned Dr. Reid from Criminal Minds!! Any Reid fan is automatically awesome in my book. I’m checking her out. 🙂

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