[Exclusive] Indigo Charlie’s “on a journey to scratch souls”

Indigo Charlie is a Indie/Alternative singer and songwriter, and in her own words, “on a journey to scratch souls and vent”. By writing about her own experiences, Indigo creates music others can relate to. This talented singer wants to prove that she can stand out in an already packed industry.

With a single already out, and an EP on the way, Indigo Charlie is ready to take on the world and become an international superstar.

Check out her music video for ‘Never Change‘ remix featuring Khleo Thomas, and read the interview for more:

EY: Where are you from, and who were some of your musical influences while growing up? When did you realize you wanted to pursue music?

ICSouthern California is my home. I’ve been blessed to live all over the country; the “dirty” South, the East coast, and of course the West.  No matter where I go California has my heart. I’m a beach girl, even in the snow. I graduated from Corona Del Mar high school in Newport Beach.

Both my parents have been in the music industry since I was a baby, so I’ve been exposed to a wide variety of music.  Dancing around and enjoying Prince, Cyndi Lauper, Miles Davis, Hole, Eryka Badu, The Cure, TLC, Sade, Nirvana, Eazy E, Notorious B.I.G., Maxwell, etc. The list of artist goes on and on, which made me more and more curious as I got older to explore music.

Lyrics stick to my brain like a sponge, I can hear a song once and know all the words by the end of it.  I love music and growing up I used to rap and sing for whoever would listen. My mom’s face was priceless seeing her four-year-old rap Notorious B.I.G’s “Juicy.” As I got older I realized how much I loved to perform, I loved the stage, I loved how it felt to leave it all on the floor.


EY: How would you describe your style, and what inspires your lyrics?

IC: As for my musical style I would definitely consider myself an Indie/Alternative artist on a journey to scratch souls and vent. The ironic thing is that I vent about feelings I’d never speak of, I guess you could call it public therapy.   My lyrics are inspired by experience, whether they be my own or those of my heart broken friends that I’ve had to pick up off the floor due to a dumb boy.  I think that is why people can relate because I’m talking about emotion that I’ve witnessed first hand. The lyrics may not be everyone’s story, but the emotions are.

EY: Can you explain what the song Never Change is all about?

IC: All those not so nice boys who scratched my heart over the years inspired “Never Change”.  I’m not angry or bitter though, those experiences, tears and lost loves made for some beautiful inspirations.

EY: It’s a really amazing song by the way. You worked with actor and musician Khleo Thomas on the remix. What was it like working with him, and what is the concept behind the video?

IC: Thank you so much.  Khleo is the sweetest.  I adore him!   I’ve been really blessed to see a different side of him than I think most people have. He is uber deep and creative. His mind and the words that pour from his soul are so impressive.  I die.  I call dibbs on making him my own personal Jamie XX. Originally we were just going to do a really moody still photo and the director Carmen Chan capitalized on the idea of capturing our emotion and making that photo speak.  She had the stop motion idea, so 1400 photos later, you have our “Never Change remix I’ll Never Change” video.

EY: How’s the process going with your EP, and when will it be released?

IC: My EP is definitely coming along.  I am taking my time.  I am not in a rush at all, this journey is beautiful and I am soaking up every second of it. I’m having a blast telling stories and expressing myself.  “On The Edge” is my new song, which will be coming out at the top of the year.  I definitely think I’ll be giving listeners a new feeling with this one. The lyrics are a little dark, a little moody. Some songs take longer than others, but I strictly am making this record off of emotion and you can’t force a feeling.   As for a release date I don’t have a set date, but I plan on finishing it in a five to six month window.

EY: You’re a Visual Communications student at FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising). Why did you decide on FIDM, and when will you be finished?

IC: I always knew that I wanted to study fashion.  My whole life it’s been music and fashion. That being said I decided to pursue my dreams in fashion.  When it came to applying to colleges I looked into FIDM, PARCINS, and FIT.  In my heart, I always knew I’d choose FIDM.  It is the elite choice. Also, I know a lot of FIDM alumni  who have gone on to have successful careers in the industry.  They all put their stamp of approval on my choice of college.  I wanted to join my friends and be apart of the FIDM alumni , which will be happening in a short year.  My mom is freaking out because it’s gone by so fast and her baby is about to be a college graduate.

EY: You’re currently managing school and an entertainment career, how do you maintain that balance in your life?

IC: Time management for me is key and giving up a social life.  Neither aspect of my life is more important than the other, so I make sure I divide my team evenly between the two. Most importantly I really do not BS at all. I wish it was as easy as eating a cupcake, but sadly its not. I work very hard.  My days are long and I love it.  Sleep can be my friend later on.

EY: Being often compared to Corinne Bailey Rae, how do you feel about that?

IC: It’s the hair isn’t it? 8) She is absolutely stunning and definitely a different kind of girl and an amazing artist which I definitely respect.  I love that she steps outside the box.  In regard to our music being compared I think our styles are different, but I do see where there is comparison because she does envoke feeling with her music. The pain and emotion in her voice is beautiful.

EY: What do you hope people will take from the music of Indigo Charlie?

IC: I hope that people will take a feeling from my music, whatever that feeling may be.  I want them to cry, smile, get upset, or even remember a lost lover. If they are feeling, I did my job as an artist.

Thank you so much for taking the time to interview me.  I love talking to and meeting new people who have found my music. You can reach out to me on Twitter @IndigoC.

Xx – Indigo Charlie


Check out Indigo’s music on her official youtube:


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