Are These Girls Being Exploited?

I know a lot of people have been saying that Willow Smith is overexposed, and that she’s acting too mature for her age, but I found this group online from South Korea that is in a similar boat. Girls Story is made up of kids aged 10 to 12 years old, and are already at the center piece of controversy in the kpop industry.

These girls recently did their debut performance on a music show in their home country, and even the show’s producer found it a bit concerning to have such young kids performing on stage; Girls Day is the youngest group and performers in South Korea. For some reason, I feel as though these kids are no different from the beauty contests for toddlers.

Everyone knows the music industry can be tough, and Girls Story are already feeling the unpleasant side of it; anti-fans have created a hate site for the group, and they don’t seem to care that Girls Story are just kids, in fact, I think that is one of the reasons why they’ve created the site to begin with.

Though Girls Story lyrics are playful and far from inappropriate, I’m worried that they’re being exploited at such young ages, and may end up falling apart in the long run.

Check out Girls Story debut stage performance for their song “Pinky Pinky” below:

What do you guys think about this issue?

One thought on “Are These Girls Being Exploited?

  1. To be honest I haven’t listened to Girls Story before, but I’ve heard of them. I didn’t know they were so young, however .__. I listen to another Korean girls group, GP Basic, and I was always wowed by the fact that one of their members, Janey, was so young. But I think Girls Story has her beat there! I like Pinky Pinky from the Youtube video you posted, but I do think it would’ve been for the best if they had trained a few more years before debuting when they were all a little older.

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