“How do I make a long distance relationship work?”

Being in a long distance relationship is definitely hard and require a lot of work, but it doesn’t mean giving up on the one you love because you can’t handle the distance. If you truly love and care for the person, then a lot of effort should be made to keep the relationship strong while apart.

There’s a lot of things couples in long distance relationship can do to still spend time together while being away from each other. In this day and age, technology enable us to stay connected to people who are living in another country, so why should it be any different in connecting to someone in a different state. Here’s my number one solution: Skype. You can talk live with your significant other for free, on video chat or on a headset, whichever you choose.

Another suggestion to sustaining a long distance relationship is to set your parameters: are you both committed to each other only (meaning is it an exclusive or open relationship), and if either will be interested in moving closer to the other. Whichever the case, making things clear at start will be beneficial in making the relationship last.

It is also important to avoid arguments over silly things like jealousy while in a long distance relationship. Jealousy adds to the fire, and is a sign that you don’t trust each other. Jealousy is often the reason why couples break up, long distance or short, it creates drama in any type of relationship.

It’s kind of cheesy, but exchanging a personal item can help as well. Based on my personal experience, holding on to something that belongs to the other does help in times of loneliness and when you’re missing them. It’s like a substitute that provides comfort. Also remember you’re not having an online or telephone relationship, you’re actually together, so it’s important to be there for each other, and if need be, definitely be there for each other physically.

This is all in my opinion, so what do you guys think about it?

Share your positive thoughts, not your animosity!!

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