Piggy Dolls?

A new South Korean female group has emerged (this industry is packed with girl groups), and they’re not you’re usual kpop group. The Piggy Dolls (creative name) are made up of three average (not stick skinny) girls with wonderful vocal abilities. Their debut single “Trend“, is basically about the girls being confident with their appearance and not conforming to the norm of the kpop industry. The group has already released their EP “Piggy Style” on January 6, so be sure to purchase it on yesasia.

Watch the interesting music video below, along with their debut live performance. I’m really liking this group:


source: Allkpop.com

One thought on “Piggy Dolls?

  1. Every time I turn around there’s a new girl group coming out! I can’t complain seeing as I love pretty much anything to come out of Korea, though πŸ˜€ Piggy Dolls are really cool. Concept-wise they remind me of Big Mama, another group that I used to like a lot. I really enjoy their Piggy Style EP because the music is catchy and has a certain addictive quality to it, but their vocals are also top-notch! I think they’re a good group to watch in the coming year!

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