Possessiveness leads to Abuse?


There are usually signs attributed to abuse, but is possessiveness one of those signs? A relationship can become suffocating when one wants to control the other in every way possible: where you go, what you do, who you talk to, etc. We should understand that nothing in this world belongs to us, and each individual has a right to their own freedom.

Possessiveness often time leads to jealousy, a contributor to abuse. Jealousy within an immature person who wants to control the one he/she is dating can lead to anger issues: yelling, physical outbursts, pulling, shaking, etc. Signs of possession within a relationship includes disallowing your significant other from seeing his/her friends and family, getting upset if they speak to the opposite sex, frequently checking up on them, and the list goes on.

I think possessiveness does contribute to abuse, and if an individual embodies the need to possess or control another person, then he/she needs to work on those issues before entering a relationship and later becoming abusive.

What do you guys think about this topic?

Share your positive thoughts, not your animosity!!

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