Quick Beauty Tips

Kerry Washington


Kerry Washington‘s light blue smoky eyes:

Matching your eye shadow to your outfit can sometimes be a bit too much. But if you’d like to coordinate the two, and trick out your eyes in slightly lighter hues.



Drew Barrymore


Warm Winter Skin:

Drew Barrymore‘s makeup artist Debra Ferullo warmed her skin a few shades darker than it’s natural tone, using two shades of beige liquid makeup. Ferullo finished by sculpting the star’s cheeks with a creamy, berry-hued blush.



Kim Kardashian


Baby Pink Nail Polish:

To offset her sexy statement outfit, Kim Kardashian chose a buff and understated pink for her fingertips. The shade is more accessible than plain white and works particularly well with bronze skin and short nails.



Scarlett Johansson


Best Eyebrows:

Scarlett Johansson‘s neutral makeup was anchored by her strong, artfully groomed brows. Thanks to a linear structure—rather than a half-moon curve—the eyebrows are the understated focal point of her face, allowing her sparkly eyes and high cheekbones to truly shine.


Jennifer Hudson


Purple Nail Polish:

Jennifer Hudson accessorized her LBD with short, bright purple fingertips. If you’re interested in playing with the shade, look for a version with blue undertones, like Hudson’s, to keep you hands from looking cold.



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