The Plastic Surgery Club

One cannot deny that plastic surgery does change lives. It’s not all negative; some people choose cosmetic surgery to correct unsightly scars, which is highly understandable. What I don’t get is why the already beautiful choose to go under the knife to get themselves altered, simply because they want to achieve perfection. Is it a case of insecurity, being unable to accept who you truly are on the outside? It could also be a reaction to the pressures of the world, or maybe something skin deep. Whichever the case, seems like getting plastic surgery today is the new trend.

When did it become normal for a young, beautiful twenty three year old to get ten plastic surgeries, simply because her role model is Barbie? Anyone who looks up to a plastic figure has serious psychological issues, and plastic surgery is not the form of therapy she should be seeking.

In doing my research, I’ve also discovered that plastic surgery is also quite popular in Asia, particularly South Korea. Getting plastic surgery there is like a birthday gift from your parents; young people from the age of sixteen are getting cosmetic surgery all in the name of “beauty”. Whenever a new artist, male or female emerges, fans are at work trying to uncover if they’re gorgeous appearance is natural or plastic. This led me to think that maybe one has to get work done in order to satisfy the expectations of the entertainment industry, and fellow peers as well, this is where pressure comes in to play.

Often times young girls read magazines and idolize models and celebrities for their hairbrush looks in photo shoots, without realizing the fact that these people have flaws just like any other, and are not to be seen as perfect. Is it ok for someone to get cosmetic surgery to look like a celeb? no! One should always aspire to be themselves and accept what they’re born with. Again I say, there is absolutely nothing wrong with correcting unsightly scars, meaning injuries, etc. but getting a million (a little drastic, but I mean getting tons) surgeries to remain a youthful look or to fit into a form established by society is unnecessary and ridiculous. Stay true to yourself, accept yourself, and try to make you happy. Plastic surgery cannot correct your inner issues. Work on the heart first!

This is all in my opinion, what do you think?


One thought on “The Plastic Surgery Club

  1. I feel like plastic surgery can be okay if you’re doing it for a good reason. Like correcting scars or injuries or something of the sort, but I just think that it’s important to accept the faces and bodies we were born with and be thankful for what we have. I think it’s sad to see fresh-faced beautiful people go under the knife just to look more youthful or whatever 😦

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