Is Your Boyfriend in a Bromance?

There’s only one thing worse than having to fight off girls aiming to steal your man,  and that’s having to fight off their best friends with that same goal. Girls understand that when a boyfriend enters the picture it is inevitable that the friendship is going to change, but boys, and I use boys for a reason, seem to cling to their friends for dear life as soon as a girlfriend is introduced. As a victim of this very crime myself, I can tell you that it is not an easy battle, and someone’s going to get hurt.

There are sure fire ways to tell if your boyfriend is in a bromance;
1) He often tells you “It’s nothing to do with you, I just…need time with my guys.”
2) No matter how skimpy of an outfit you put on, xbox live is the priority.
3) What was once a shared passionate Friday night tradition between the two of you has somehow become a weekly poker night, featuring you as the waitress, chef, and entertainment.
And finally…
4) No matter what you do, his friends hate you.

Unfortunately, beginning a relationship with someone who’s already got some, prior engagements can be bumpy and stressful at times, but try your best to get along with the guys. Brush off whatever insults they throw at you, and throw a few back their way. Showing that you’re not just another girl will take the heat off the fact that you’re the new addition to the group. Also, never lose faith in your man, until he loses time for you. He chose to be with you for a reason, so embrace it. In the end, you will always win, because he can come home to you at night.

Share your positive thoughts, not your animosity!!

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