JD Relic’s “making a name for himself”

Meet Jeff Darcy aka JDRelic, a producer, songwriter, artist, engineer and CEO, who rose to notable fame doing English covers of popular Kpop songs on YouTube. It was his “world famous” cover of G-Dragon’s hit “Heartbreaker” that peeked the interest of a Kpop producer, inviting JD to work with him in creating music possibly for huge international artists in the future.

JD is always working hard at establishing his already rising music career, so be sure to stay up to date because he will definitely make his mark on the music scene.

Check out his smooth english cover of TaeYang‘s “Wedding Dress” below, and read the interview for more:

EY: Where are you from?

JD: I am from Los Angeles.

EY: Did you always wanted to make music?

JD: I’ve had a musical background since I was young, but made the decision in college to start my own recording studio.  I went to Musicians Institute to receive some formal training, and then set out to try and make a name for myself.


-“I thought it was a cool song so she recommended that I give it a try and that was when everything started”.

EY: What made you decide to cover Kpop songs in English?

JD: My wife actually had a past with Kpop music when she was younger but didn’t keep up with it as she grew older. It wasn’t until Super Junior released their song “Sorry Sorry” that she fell back in love with Kpop. She doesn’t speak Korean so it was hard for her to relate to songs lyrically. So one day she was looking for translations and saw that there were a lot of people doing Kpop covers in English. She thought she might as well give it a try since she had the resources through my home recording studio. Long story short, G Dragon came out with “Heartbreaker” and I thought it was a cool song so she recommended that I give it a try and that was when everything started.


EY: You started out with Ashilia; did you always produce for her?

JD: We were actually dating before I began producing songs and covers with her.  Now we are married, so we are constantly working on new songs.

EY: Did you ever think that doing covers would make you so popular on YouTube?

JD: I am truly blessed and happy with everything that has happened to me. I honestly would have never guessed that doing covers would gain so many worldwide viewers. YouTube has definitely been a big part in opening doors to underground musicians and producers like me and giving us a chance to showcase what we’ve got to offer.


EY: Are you working on any original music?

JD: I am always working on original music, but I’ve just been so busy writing songs for other artists.  I hope to release an original song soon on my JDRelic channel on YouTube.

-“the Music Industry is such a small world”.


EY: What is it like working with Ryan Jhun (producer and songwriter for a South Korean entertainment company known as SM Entertainment)?

JD: It has been amazing. Ryan has been very helpful in guiding me through the industry and teaching me a lot through out it all.  I feel very lucky to be working with such a talented producer, as well as his team.  Its amazing that I am here in LA, Ryan is in New York, and we are working on songs together for a label in Korea.  The Music industry is such a small world.


EY: How did you get in contact with Ryan Jhun?

JD: He actually saw my “world famous” Heartbreaker cover off of you tube and decided contacted me.


EY: Have you ever been to South Korea?

JD: No not yet, but I have plans to visit, hopefully this year!


EY: Of all the songs that you’ve covered, which Kpop artist would you like to work with?

JD: There are a lot of artists that I would love to work with but I would have to say Super Junior.


-“I plan to release my own songs in the future, and continue to make covers for all the awesome fans on YouTube”.


EY: Have you ever covered any English songs?

JD: My wife and I actually started doing covers of English songs before we did English covers of Kpop songs.

EY: What’s next for JD Relic, where do you hope to go in the future?

JD: I am going to keep songwriting with Marcan Entertainment, and God willing, have my songs used by artists all over the world, in Korea and here in the United States. I plan to release my own songs in the future and continue making covers for all the awesome fans on YouTube! There are some really exciting events coming up so make sure you keep an eye out for that and follow me on:


YouTube: www.youtube.com/ashilia4life

Facebook: www.facebook.com/jdrelic

Twittier: @JDRelic

3 thoughts on “JD Relic’s “making a name for himself”

  1. His covers are sick! When I heard Heartbreaker, I was instantly hooked. There are not many people, artists, and non artists alike that can do a song cover and do it well, but anything JD touches turns to gold! I wish him a long and prosperous future.

  2. Wow, GREAT article!! I seriously love his version of Wedding Dress. A friend recommended it to me a few weeks ago and I, being a person who loves to support fan artists and such, decided to give it a shot. It blew me away! I was surprised that I loved it as much as I did. I know that his Last.fm page has 158 fans and his songs have been played 3,582 times already so I’d definitely say he’s making a name for himself! I like his wife’s music, also. Her cover of 2 Different Tears is excellent! (Dare I say I like it better than the original? Because I do!)

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