Spotlight – ROX

Meet ROX, an English soul singer and songwriter who made her solo debut in 2009 with the song “No Going Back“. She was also selected in 2010 as HMV’s “Next Big Thing”, and later went on to perform at London’s Jazz Cafe. Rox cites Lauren Hill, Sade, Joni Mitchell, Mary J. Blige, and Alanis Morissette as her musical influences.

Roxanne Tataei was born in Norbury, London to a Jamaican mother and an Iranian father. She started singing in church, while living with her grandparents. 

Rox joined the National Youth Music Theatre when she was ten years old, and travelled across Britain to appear in various productions. She received her first guitar as her fourteenth birthday present, and Rox started to experiment with different musical sounds. She formed a band in 2007, and began attracting many record labels with her soulful vocals and fiery stage performances. Rox signed a recording contract Rough Trade in 2008; she later went on several tours and showcases until she released her debut single in 2009 titled “No Going Back“. Rox was featured as The Guardian’s “New Brand of the Day” on November 23, 2009. She was also featured in Sunday Times and The Independent, as an act to watch out for. Rox released her second single “My Baby Left Me” on March 15, 2010 and her third single “I Don’t Believe“, along with her debut album “Memoirs” in June 2010. The album was partially recorded in New Jersey around April 2009, and featured the hit producer Al Shux (Lupe Fiasco, Jay-Z).

According to, Rox’s lyrics undress emotions, blatantly, constantly. Throughout the album you get the sense that this is to redress her, not in armour, but in a tailor made power suit. This catharsis isn’t delivered with malice nor weak-willed ‘woe is me’ undertones. It’s about process, working through something difficult, owning hurt and turning it into something to shake your tush to on a Saturday night; ‘My Baby’ is a perfect slice of up yours. The delicate beats driven stirrings of ‘Sad Eyes’ showcases heart, ‘Do as I Say’ is classic southern soul and ‘Rocksteady’ is triumphant feel-good reggae.


Be sure to purchase the album by clicking the image above, and check out her music videos below:


for more info, visit Rox’s official pages:

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