Assumptions are okay…and this is why

'Where do you work?' 'What do you do exactly?' These are pretty basic questions right? Well, they are to me especially if they are asked because of interest borne out of attraction. For the past three months or so I've asked this  question and marinated in a blank stare from this fine species of heaven.

Heavenlicious always dodges the question by either ignoring the question or changing topics.  I can’t say it’s annoying because my heart is ever slowly pumping with hopes of what could be, but it leaves me questioning and curious.  So the last time, I broached the subject matter here is how it went.

Embraceyou: What do you do?

Heavenlicious: Smiles, and continues texting (The smile took me to heaven but the uneasy aura, brought me back to mother earth)

Embraceyou: So what’s the big deal, I mean why so mysterious?

Heavenlicious: You find it intriguing don’t you? (A crooked c’mon over here smile…lemme stop!)

Embraceyou: Umm..(stuttered from the crookedy smile vibes). Actually I don’t.  I just really want to know what your ‘career’ is . (I mean who knows, he could be the CFO/COO/CEO of some corporation? Do not tell me, keep dreaming. Okay. He could be.)

Heavenlicious: Smiles, the crookedy way  that has me twisted….and exits. (He always exits the room, when shit gets real.)

Clearly, the conversation did not avail any answer(s), and I decided to go ahead and assume.  My assumption yielded me with the following:

1.) He is either………..

2.) He is a …………………

Help me assume!

Happy Assumptions!

Share your positive thoughts, not your animosity!!

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