“Milk & Honey” is definitely sweet

Milk & Honey” is a new series about love, friendship, chasing your dreams, and dealing with life’s issues along the way. The series is directed by Jeanette McDuffie, written by Dana Gills and Asha Kamali May, and executive produced by actor Idris Elba and Brown Paper Bag productions. 

Milk & Honey” is filmed in Los Angeles, and tells the story of four women and their spiritual, professional, and romantic journeys to pursue their dreams. The show stars veteran actress Debbie Allen as an acting coach, Lance Gross (Tyler Perry’s House of Payne), Asha Kamali May, Bryce Wilson, and Faune Chambers.

From the trailer below, you can already see the drama and feel the passion of each character depicted, and ladies, there’s plenty of eye candy demanding our undivided attention. See for yourselves:

Milk & Honey” is currently available via the web, but creators are hoping to air on a television network soon.

source: milkandhoneyseries.com


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