Southwest Airlines, is the equivalent of Harvard University in the American  airline industry.  They have really set the bar high for other airlines. Their commitment to excellence in the cutthroat service industry is beyond exceptional.

It’s 2:01 a.m, and I am up writing this post as a salute to Southwest’s organizational culture. Incredible to say the least! Most of the times, we pick corporations apart and never credit them where due.

Tonight erm morning , I feel compelled to tip my hat to this outstanding corporation.Embrace You is now the equivalent of the Fortune 100 magazine of the blogs. Yes we are! C’mon…If you want your company reviewed, send us an email, and umm we only take money orders (they don’t bounce, do they?)

They not only offer exceptional service to their customers, but also go the extra mile to make it a worthwhile experience for employees as well. It is no wonder the turnover rates are at a bare minimum as everyone’s work and input is appreciated. When I say everyone, include the janitor too.  Not a lot of companies care for people in the most critical of positions. They clean your toilets, making sure that operations are efficiently executed from fragrance smelling zones as opposed to sewers.

Let this be a challenge to C.E.O’s to make it a point to know all your janitors by name and beginning Monday have what I propose to be a: CRITICAL POSITION RECOGNITION DAY (CPRD). Basically, it entails stopping your janitor and saying: ‘Goodmorning. Here at XYZ company we appreciate your efforts to keep us stankfree (I’m joking but you get the gist of things of course you would be COURTEOUS)Thank you for your work!’ .It would also be a good looking out effort (GLOE) on your part to give them bonuses, and cut yours back. Insert smiley face.

Please make it a point to cancel all your AA, Delta, UA flights in favor of Southwest. They don’t charge to check luggage, you don’t have to pay for your sodas, pillows, blankets and snacks. You are guaranteed a great flight with tons of entertainment! Don’t believe the hype, check this out.

This is the company’s official you-tube page! Who knew? So like awesoooome!

By the way this is not a paid endorsement from SouthWest Airlines. Just my opinions.

Happy Southwesternings!!!!!


  1. You make me want to fly Southwest!! The last time I flew, it was through United Airlines. It was an alright experience, nothing mind-blowingly great. But Southwest seems like a really great airline company. Next time I fly I’ll definitely have to look into them! (And they don’t charge to check your luggage.. this is amazing)

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