[Exclusive] Dave Raps – Dreaming of making it.

Dave Raps is an up and coming rapper with dreams of making it big. He calls the Big Apple home and looks up to Jay-Z.  He is currently on that ‘Just Gotta Make It’ type of grind.

With a very ambitious and spirited manager, he is well on his way to making a name for himself.  Click on for more information on this young talented man. Oh by the way ladies, he is quite the looker so you might as well proceed and get familiar.
You go by the name of Dave Raps, what is your real name? Where did you grow up?

My government Is David John..(2 first names haha) I grew up in Yonkers Ny but moved to florida when I was 14.

Who were your musical influences while growing up?

I always looked up to Jay as a kid and thought his music was dope…either than that I was a fan of DMX and the LOX since they were from Yonkers and that’s what was being played heavy.

When did you know music was the career of choice you wanted to pursue?

I knew I wanted to pursue music when I was 18. Thats actually the first time I ever rapped anything. I got this notation that I could do it and I did.

The music industry is saturated with an overabundance of talented folks, what separates you from the rest? Give me a real legit reason to look out for your music.

My music is something that makes u feel good..When I make a song I make sure I sound really comfortable on the track so that my fans will hear the same.

Your latest song ‘In the Morning’ is a response to J.Cole’s feat Drake what compelled the response?

I mean to be honest I just found the instrumental while doing some beat hunting and I loved their joint so I decided to do my own.

Your latest mixtape ‘Too Unknown’ is out now, what can newcomers and fans expect to hear?

On Too Unknown I jumped on a lot of industry beats and did my thing. I felt that redoing songs wasnt  dead..you can always bring something different to the table.

When can we expect your EP to drop? It will be your fourth project thus far, talk to us about your previous projects in detail?

My new EP H.Y.P.E is droppin Feb 11th and it will be all original music and my best stuff thus far. A little over a year ago I dropped my first project called Class Act and shortly after that I put out another mixtape called Yes, I do which was also all original tracks..just showing what i had as an artist and not just as a rapper.

Being that we are in a digital media age, what steps have you and your management taken to create a buzz?

Me and my team def feel that in order to create a buzz u have to stay relevant…and to stay relevant you have to keep coming out with new music, so thats what we try to do..keep coming out with music, hitting blogs and hoping for the best.

Given the chance, which established musician would you like to collaborate with?

I would love to work with Swizz Beatz as far as a producer goes, but as for an artist I can see myself working withAlicia Keys, just because i feel that she has a voice that can make a normal track into an abnormal track.

Have you been on any tours (locally or internationally), or had the opportunity to open for a big act?

I havent been on a tour yet but its in the works right now, thats always a good way to connect to the fans

What other genres of music, other than hip-hop do you enjoy listening/vibing to?

I lovee reggae and i really like a lot of alternative rock..I find myself singing songs that i thought i didnt know word for word..haha

You are currently being managed by Vee Nyce Marketing and Management how did you link up with them?

Me and Vee linked up a while back and we just share the same vision and when u find someone like that you gotta run with it

Your currently featured on over 100blogs, has this translated into downloads, buzz, bigger fanbase and such like things? Let us know!

Im definitely getting a nice buzz through blogs….i love the fact that people can vibe to my music…thats my biggest aim so if i can accomplish that..its a good day

Where can we get a hold of your music?

You can cop all of my mixtapes thru google just by typing in dave raps and Class Act or too unknown, or you can listen to  them on datpiff

Do you  have an official site where interested parties can view your resume?

yeah i have daveraps.net but its under construction at the moment so hopefully within a couple weeks it should be up and running

Last but not least I absolutely love your manager’s enthusiasm and go-getter spirit. Do you have more to add?lol

haha i appreciate that, im grateful for a team around me thats out here making moves..but i just want to close out saying I appreciate this interview and i got HEAT!!! coming out on Feb 11th so if you like what youve heard your gonna love my new shit…

Take a listen to his music right here:

Here’s the full mix

Here’s the download for the whole tape

Here’s the latest video: ‘In The Morning’ (MP3 D/L LINK IN DESCRIPTION)

His last video: ‘High Life’

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