2011 Oscar nominations made people say ‘huh?’

It’s that time of the year again, when actors and actresses who have given their all in dramatic and thought-provoking roles wait with great anticipation, as to whether or not their performances will be rewarded by the highest achievement of an actor’s career. Yes, it is now time for the annual Academy Awards, otherwise known as the Oscars.

For years this prestigious award has honored the well deserved, however, the 2011 list of nominations has left people thinking the 83rd Academy Awards has skipped a few talents. Many stars were simply overlooked for this year’s Oscars, Halle Berry (‘Frankie & Alice’), Leonardo DiCaprio (‘Inception’), and Mark Wahlberg (‘The Fighter’) specifically. While their performances were captivating, they didn’t seem to make the cut on the Oscars list. Also, many are making a fuss about Mila Kunis not receiving a ‘Best Supporting Actress” nomination, I for one have failed to see why she should. Mila’s performance in ‘The Black Swan’ was well done while it lasted, because she was hardly in the movie. Was it worth being nominated for, I highly doubt it. Her co-star, Natalie Portman on the other hand left me in awe; Natalie Portman had a mind blowing performance in ‘The Black Swan’, thus why the Academy had to recognize this woman for her remarkable and passionate acting.

While Natalie being nominated is celebrated and accepted, others are just not receiving a proper congratulations as they’d hope for: ‘The Social Network’ has received 8 nominations, despite being criticized for not actually representing facebook’s true history. Supporter’s of the film were even upset that Justin Timberlake was not nominated, but in all honesty, Justin needs more growth to be considered a true actor. In my opinion, he is just not there yet. Though I’ve never even bothered to watch ‘The Social Network’ (it didn’t seem to peek my interest), I truly would like to give props to the cast and crew, seems like their jobs have paid off.

Whether its being critically bashed for overshadowing the well deserving ones, the 83rd Academy Awards is still being anticipated and of course those hating will still watch, no matter (how boring) how they feel about some stars being snubbed. This is all in my opinion, what do you think?


One thought on “2011 Oscar nominations made people say ‘huh?’

  1. I didn’t get a chance to catch the Oscars this year! 😦 I appreciate this post for that reason! I’m really surprised that Leonardo DiCaprio didn’t win an award, though. I know people who weren’t really into movies like Inception and they still thought it was awesome (as did I). I never thought I’d be able to get past his role in Titanic, but I watched that movie and I never really thought about Jack Dawson! I totally thought he’d win an award for sure this year.

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