Would you date your friend’s ex?

There’s always a line you shouldn’t cross when it comes to your friend’s love interest, you know, the “do not flirt with my boyfriend/girl”. So does the line still exist even after they’ve broken up? In my opinion, it does. Why would you enter a relationship with someone who dated your friend? not only will it be awkward for him/her when they go around your friends, but it also causes conflict between you and the friend whose former love you’re now with.

Some might say if the new relationship has potential to grow then they’ll take the risk, but such risks will result in the loss of good friendships. Think of your friends feelings, and consider the fact that you’re hurting them, especially if you make comments like “I can treat you so much better than he/she did”, that’s a definite no no.

If you do end up dating the ex, which is quite common in society, do not rub it in your friend’s face. If he/she can comprehend or accept the fact that you’re dating, do not jump to answer “yes” when they ask if you think it will last; simply say something like “we’ll try”, that’s not a bad answer at all. Chances are the ex will warn the friend about all the issues they might face, in similarity to what the friend went through, and they may be right, but you never know how a relationship will end up so you just have to do your best in it.

Again I stress on the fact that I disagree with dating a friend’s ex, but that’s in my opinion. What do you think about it?

3 thoughts on “Would you date your friend’s ex?

  1. My friend is dating this boy and I was dating that her boyfriends friend. We were close friends all four of us until i broke up wih my boyfriend and her boyfriend broke up with her.

    She (with my permission) dates my ex. Then suddenly her BF says that he likes me! So wer dating now and everybodies happy! haha

  2. I would never do it. Friendship is too important to me. I’m always there for my friends and I always will be and.. I could just never do something that would hurt my friend like that 😦

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