Lupe teases with “Words he Never Said”

Artistic deep thinker Lupe Fiasco has released a teaser for his upcoming music video ‘Words I Never Said‘. The full MV will be uncovered on February 1st, and the song, which features Skylar Grey, is included on his upcoming ‘Lasers‘ album, set for a March release. The teaser alone prepares you for what’s coming in the entire music video: a view on what’s happening in the world today, with the use of words that will absolutely grab your attention and probably stir up controversy. Lupe Fiasco has always been the lyricist that gets me to listen, watch and think. So check out the teaser below, and of course, pre-order your copy of ‘Lasers‘ now:



One thought on “Lupe teases with “Words he Never Said”

  1. Those are some cool lyrics 😀 I particularly love the fact that he made a reference to my favorite movie, The Dark Knight. “man why so serious like jokers face” I love that! Well, he definitely caught my attention. 🙂

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