Your concern is neither relevant nor appreciated.

Have you ever wondered why some people feel the need to presumptuously convey THEIR thoughts about YOUR life? especially when theirs is up in shambles. It’s like getting slapped in the face by someone in a more harsh predicament than yourself.  For example, why would you voice your opinion about my life and feel it’s appropriate for you to give your two sense on things? Did your suggestion work out well in your case? if not, why do you think it will strangely work out for me? Let’s keep it real, your concern is neither relevant nor appropriate, when you’re situation is far worse than mine.

Did I push the wrong button? I think not. I’m sure there are many who can relate to this. You have the same such annoying and nosy people poking their fingers at you, and making it of some importance to speak on your issues. You’ll be flying high but make one mistake and sure enough, here they come, passing their judgments and throwing stones at you. Are we not humans? are we not allowed to make mistakes and in return learn from them so not to repeat them again? I assume for these saints we just aren’t.

In light of the situation, I’ve found cool ways in dealing with such individuals: smile, nod, and say hmmm…and of course change the subject to something you know they’ll definitely want to talk about. If that doesn’t work, a simple “I have to go” will do. Whatever it possibly takes to avoid these opinionated people.

This is just me, and based on my experiences. What do you guys think, how do you deal with such people?

One thought on “Your concern is neither relevant nor appreciated.

  1. I appreciate your advice on how to deal with people like this. I have someone in my life right now who is sort of doing the same thing to me and I’ve been a bit on edge as of late because I didn’t know what to do about it. You know, people who act like just because you don’t do something THEIR way then you’re doing it wrong. It’s annoying, but I’ll definitely try what you said and hopefully it’ll work out okay! 🙂

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