March is the month for big releases!

Britney Pre-order

Many big names in music are getting ready to release their new albums in March. From Britney to Avril, March seems to be the deadline for all. Among the many, some artists are making more highly anticipated comebacks, while others will end up being slept on. So just whose album are you anticipating the most? Here’s my list below:


Goodbye Lullaby Awesome As F**k

Lasers Late Nights, Early Mornings


One thought on “March is the month for big releases!

  1. I agree, March is full of really excellent releases! I like your list. 🙂 Some things I’m really looking forward to are Koda Kumi’s Dejavu album and Within Temptation’s The Unforgiving. I own all of WT’s albums and I love them all so this really excites me, plus Kuu is one of my very favorite Jpop artists! Namie Amuro’s untitled collaboration album is also quite exciting, as is Nami Tamaki’s new album, Ready!

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