Start a SCANDAL with “Pride”!

If you don’t know SCANDAL, popular four member Japanese punk/pop/rock band consisting of all girls, then it’s truly sad (please Google). The band has released the music video for their 9th single ‘Pride‘, and I must say if you love confetti, flashing words, pretty girls rocking out, black and white backgrounds, and glass smashing, then you’ll like this one. ‘Pride‘ is about chasing your dreams, and being determine enough to achieve it. Overall, I like the song, which will be released official on February 9th, but I felt like I was watching a rather cheap video. Anyways, see for yourselves:

Prideis the ending theme for animated series ‘STAR DRIVER Kagayaki no Tact‘, which clearly explains the reason why the music video didn’t have a stronger concept. You can purchase the single here

One thought on “Start a SCANDAL with “Pride”!

  1. It’s kinda weird, I’ve been into Jpop for about seven years now and I’ve never really been able to get into Japanese groups although Korean groups produce some of my favorite Kpop! I was surprised that I actually had Pride stuck in my head for awhile after hearing it for the first time. This is honestly a first for me! I think SCANDAL is pretty cool, though. I like that they’re playing their own instruments and Pride is really catchy!

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