Spotlight – Shingai Shoniwa

Meet Shingai, model, vocalist and bassist for UK indie rock band Noisettes. Shingai first had dreams of becoming an actress, and as a result became a burlesque performer within the Lost Vagueness crew. As a teenager, Shingai studied circus skills at a London Youth club, and attended art school after graduation. She would later attend the BRIT School of Performing Arts & Technology alongside Dan Smith, who eventually started Noisettes. Drummer James Morrison was later recruited by Smith.

Shingai Shoniwa is of Zimbabwean decent. Her

father died when she was young, and her mother migrated to England. Shingai says the transition influences her music: “wanting to escape from reality can inspire the greatest and most trivial creative natures in people. Everybody has their own little soundtrack, and I guess I’m trying to make my own soundtrack to my escape plan.”

In 2005, the band released their first EP titled ‘Three Moods of the Noisettes‘, and their first full length album ‘What’s the Time Mr. Wolfe?’, in 2007.

Shingai’s vocal performance has received much positive feedback, which was admired by other musicians, inviting her to provide backing vocals for their music. In 2007, Shingai appeared on the single ‘Sing‘ for Annie Lennox’s 2007 album, ‘Songs of Mass Destruction‘. The song, which was about the fight against HIV and AIDS, also included Madonna, Celine Dion, and Gladys knight. Shingai is also credited for her vocals on Dennis Ferrer’s ‘Hey Hey‘ single in 2009.

Together with Noisettes, Shoniwa would release two more EPs in 2006 and 2009 respectively, and a follow-up to their 2007 debut album titled ‘Wild Young Hearts‘ , released in 2009. The second album reached the top ten on UK Album charts, and has been certified Gold.Don’t Upset My Love‘, the second single from the ‘Wild Young Hearts‘ album, debuted at number two on the UK Singles chart, becoming the band’s most successful song to date.

Noisettes went on several tours around Europe and North America since their debut, including opening shows for artists like Lady GaGa, enabling audiences to fall in love with Shingai’s energetic, entertaining, and artistic performances.

In 2009, Shoniwa performed alongside rapper Dizzee Rascal at the Royal Albert Hall for an event to raise money for charity. She also joined Amnesty International’s ‘Make Some Noise, where she appeared in an Instant Karma! video singing John Legend‘s hit Imagine‘, to raise awareness for conflict in Darfur.

Shingai Shoniwa is a talented singer and performer. She is also very skillful with the bass and amp, as well as putting together a rocking outfit. Makes sense why she’s signed to NEXT Model Management in London; she has a fierceness about her that is just unstoppable. Check out the ‘Ever Fallen In Love‘ music video below:


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2 Comments on Spotlight – Shingai Shoniwa

  1. I have some friends who really like her, I always see them loving her tracks via all over my Twitter! I think she’s pretty cool myself. I really like a lot of artists from England as well as girls who can rock! I just think it’s incredibly cool that she plays bass!

  2. that first picture is not shingai……. it’s janelle monae.

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