Are you an impulsive spender?

Do you get a certain "high" from shopping? Like you're floating in the air and little birdies singing harmoniously a melody that only you can hear? but then suddenly everything stops and you realize that you've just spent over $1,000 on a Marc Jacobs bag and Louboutin pumps. No more sweet melodies, but rather reality hits you on the head, reminding you that you've got bills to pay.

Seems its always the ones with the least spending the most. Such individuals fall into the category of an impulsive spender. However, the aforementioned classification is not only given to the average but also to the extremely wealthy (who may I add can afford to), but I would like to direct this post on the average individuals who don't have but are spending it.

It’s important to avoid making silly and illogical excuses such as “there was a sale” or “it was calling out to me”, the fact of the matter is priorities need to be set. People need to take control of their emotions. The little happiness you may get from buying new stuff doesn’t last long, especially when you have mortgage, rent, car insurance and who knows what else to pay.  If you feel you have a problem with draining your funds on luxury, then maybe you need professional help, or prayer.

I cannot rule out the fact that us humans often times buy expensive items to show off, or in other terms “look rich” among our peers. Such human nature is rather ridiculous, but we’ve all been guilty of it at some point in our lives. As children we boast on our new toys, as adults we brag about our new rides, outfits and accessories. However, there are certain responsibilities we take on once we’ve entered adulthood. Hopes of investing and saving for the future is a common factor, but impulsive acts now can jeopardize future plans. Fur coats can keep you warm, but provides no comfort if you’ve gotten evicted. If you even bothered to watch the movie ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic‘, then you’d notice the repercussions of the main character’s impulsive spending, particularly being constantly tormented by credit collectors and resorting to coming up with extreme lies on a daily basis, and her depressive moods at the end of her shopping trips. There was no lasting joy from her impulsiveness, in conclusion, she had to make a change (basically get her priorities straight).

There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to nice luxurious things, however, spend big only when you can afford to. This is just in my opinion. Leave your views below.

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