Spotlight – Kahi

Meet Kahi Park, a South Korean singer, dancer, songwriter and leader of Kpop group After School. Kahi is most notable for her fierce dancing and charismatic personality on music shows or performing among the other members of After School.

Kahi was born Ji-Young Park. She developed a passion for dancing as a teenager, and was influenced by hip hop and r&b music. She didn’t receive professional training due to strong objections by her family, but kept on dancing and improving her skills on her own. Kahi moved to Seoul, South Korea’s capital, despite her family’s disagreement to pursue an entertainment career. She landed a job as a back-up dancer while she was 18.

While living in Seoul, Kahi worked several jobs to make a living, until a choreographer from SM Entertainment recruited her to dance for Kpop star BoA temporary. However, Kahi’s skills were far too impressive and SM decided to keep her as a full-time dancer for 3 years. Kahi did mainly back-up dancing for different artists and entertainment companies, but she still wanted to fulfill her own dream of becoming a singer.

In 2006, an opportunity landed at Kahi’s door to join a Korean American pop/dance group called S Blush. The group’s debut singleIt’s My Life‘ reached number 2 on Billboard’s Hot Dance Chart in May 2007, however S Blush later disbanded due to issues with the record company. This did not stop Kahi from moving forward. Later in 2007, she joined Pledis Entertainment to begin a joint planning and production for a Kpop girl group. After years of preparation, Kahi debuted as the leader for After School in January 2009.

Upon releasing their debut song ‘Ah‘, and a mini album ‘New Schoolgirl‘, After School received mostly positive feedback for their dancing and sex appeal, as well as many comparisons in terms of style with American pop group the Pussycat Dolls. The group released another single ‘Diva‘, as well as extended to six members in April 2009. In October of that year, one of the original members withdrew or ‘graduated’ from the group citing health issues, however she was replaced by two new members. In November, After School released the ‘Because of You‘ EP, which included the track ‘When I Fallthat was written and produced by Kahi.

In March 2010, the group added another member, released another EP titled ‘Bang!, and evolved into subgroups. After School did not release any other singles for the remainder of 2010, however their subgroups Orange Caramel and Happy Pledis did promotions, and members appeared on several variety shows.

As of 2011, Kahi is preparing for her solo release as well as the comeback for After School. Both releases are highly anticipated, as Kahi along with her group is loved for their fierceness in dancing and singing. Park Kahi is a very talented women who defies all odds against her. Her performances seem effortless and looks so natural. Ms. Kahi demands your attention while she puts on a show. Just watch the collections below:


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One thought on “Spotlight – Kahi

  1. After School is one of my favorite Kpop groups! I remember when they first debuted and they were featured on forever, I totally went crazy over them. I really like Kahi a lot and I’m really excited for her solo release! I just saw an article about it on my Livejournal and she looks great and the song titles released thus far seem like they’re going to be very cool!

    That said, this was an excellent article about After School and Kahi! You totally hit all the bases!

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