A good man is easy to find: Lower your unreasonable expectations.

I have so many friends who search their brains constantly to find an answer as to why someone as fly as they are have yet to find a really nice guy. I came to the conclusion that maybe they just need to lower their over-the-top expectations of what exactly a really nice guy should embody. Women at times make these long lists of “requirements” that men should have in order to approach them. Is it love or money you want?

Forget the usual “must be kind, honest and loving” part, cos these days it’s more like “must be an executive, drives a $100,000 car, and must be living in a luxurious house”. Isn’t this asking for too much though? I mean, if those are the kind of men women are looking for, then what about the good ones that are being overlooked because they don’t possess these “necessary” attributes?

The fact of the matter is there are really good men out there, but these guys are immediately shut down the moment they say they’re not a CEO of their own company. Whatever happened to finding someone you can grow with and achieve wonderful things with? He might not make millions now, but if you stick it out together who knows, you might end up living in luxury.

Some of you ladies might think I’m hating on you, but I’m not saying it’s impossible to find the executive who drives the expensive car and lives in an expensive house, nor am I saying women should settle for less, but dating a nice guy who isn’t as rich as Diddy or Bill Gates is not settling for less. What I am trying to say is to just lower your expectations and be reasonable or you might end up alone. Just because a man is super wealthy doesn’t mean he’s going to treat you right, in fact you might find more happiness with the guy working his way up rather than with the guy who’s already up there.

This is just in my opinion. Leave your comments below.

3 thoughts on “A good man is easy to find: Lower your unreasonable expectations.

  1. I refuse to lower my expectations. I do want that man that drives the $100,000 car, lives in a ridiculously priced house, takes me on endless high end shopping sprees, is a damn exec at a corporation he does not own but is well known.

    I kid I kid. Nice article co-blogger!

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