Jin Akanishi’s “Eternal”: Hot or Flop?

Jpop artist Jin Akanishi will be releasing his new single “Eternal” on March 2, 2011, however the full audio has been unveiled online. Personally I like the song. It’s very soft and comes off quite emotional; though I can’t understand a word, I still feel captivated by the lyrics. What do you think. Hot or flop? Vote below:

3 thoughts on “Jin Akanishi’s “Eternal”: Hot or Flop?

  1. Eternal is definitely hot! 😀 (Well, maybe that’s not the right word but his single did sell 161,387 copies on the first day alone.) I love it and never get sick of it. It’s so soft and the lyrics are soooo beautiful! Plus, it’s totally Jin. Just when everyone is borderline with him and mad at him for leaving KAT-TUN, he comes out with this and makes everyone realize they’re still in love with him. His honesty to his music and passions really shows through in his songs somehow, especially this one. I think Eternal is something only he can pull off.

  2. Yes I have to agree, this song is quite soft and gives off amazing emotion. After he left KAT-TUN I was kind of on the borderline but this reassures me. I’ve always loved ballad-like songs. Wow I’m falling in love with this song…

  3. Oh, Jin ❤ I have to admit that my interest has been waning since he left KAT-TUN, but this song is really lovely! It has such a tranquil feel to it yet it still manages to really tug on your heartstrings. His vocals evoke such emotion! Needless to say, I love it and I think it will definitely be hot!

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