Kahi releases solo mini album

After School‘s fierce leader Park Kahi has finally released her long awaited solo mini album. “Kahi – The First Mini Album” consists of 4 tracks including the lead single “Come Back You Bad Person“, a dance/techno track featuring Kahi’s exhilarating vocals. This song is not bad, but the effects throughout makes me wonder about the stress she went through recording it, as well as the stress she’ll go through when performing the song live. My personal favorites are track number two, “One Love“, a smooth r&b song with an electrifying solo guitar break, and track number four “Roller Coaster“, a dance/pop song that would’ve made a better lead track for promotion. Track number three is a ballad titled “Gift” which features somewhat of vulnerability in Kahi’s voice. She did well, and I wish to congratulate her both for the release of the mini album, and for her patience of waiting and working so hard for all these years to finally make her dream a reality. Purchase the mini album at YesAsia now and support Kahi. She truly deserves it! Listen to the tracksΒ below:

Credit: ASFVault


One thought on “Kahi releases solo mini album

  1. YES!! I wanted to preview these songs so bad but I couldn’t find them on Youtube for some reason. Then I come here and see them and it’s just exciting! Thanks! πŸ˜€ I’m listening to the videos now as I’m typing this (I’m on Come Back You Bad Person) so I can’t say just yet how I feel about the mini-album as a whole yet, but this sounds pretty hot. I really like the fact that it’s a dance track and yet her vocals for the most part are not auto-tuned or heavily distorted and you can hear the piano melody quite clearly! It’s a really nice combo and I think it works really nicely. I’m excited to hear more! πŸ˜€

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