Did you see ‘I Am Number Four’?

The sci-fi/action packed thriller ‘I Am Number Four‘ opened on Friday but all I’m hearing are negative reviews from critics. I have never been one to listen to another’s review or rating of a movie, I much rather see it for myself  so until I have, let’s leave the remarks for later. The movie stars Alex Pettyfer as an alien on the run from enemies who want to destroy the last survivors of their home planet. The fact that it’s a sci-fi movie with aliens and superpower makes it even more intriguing for me, so I’m definitely going to watch. Will you, or better yet, have you?

Check out the clip below:

One thought on “Did you see ‘I Am Number Four’?

  1. I have not watched this yet and I’m afraid I’ll have to wait until it comes out on DVD to do so, but it does look pretty cool! I love sci fi movies. 🙂

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