Tweet Wars!

There’s nothing more unprofessional than seeing stars tweet unflattering remarks about each other. Why is it that they feel the need to express their distress on twitter of all places? It’s open for public viewing, and the media is just waiting for another tweet drama to stir up. Twitter was once a place to post about your current situation or something you consider to be of great interest. For example, “I ate a cheeseburger today”, or “I’m going to the bathroom.” Why can’t it remain of such standard? Why has it now become a place for virtual war? Lately I’ve been hearing and seeing a lot of negativity surrounding twitter, involving the celebrities who basically live on it.

Some may remember in recent tweet news the disrespectful comments 50 cent tweeted to Ciara; going as far as calling her a bitch. Now is that any way to tweet your “presumably” past love? I think not. They have over thousands if not millions of followers who constantly check their twitter updates, and when such unfiltered tweets are posted, these fans indulge themselves in the drama by attacking other fans. One cannot overlook the Raz B vs Chris Brown tweets over Rihanna, George Lopez vs Lindsay Lohan over white powder in her shoes, or the Japanese actress Ohmomo Miyoko letting the twitter universe know that another actress Asagi Kuniko had an affair with her husband. When is the line drawn on what to or ought not be tweeted?

Apparently these stars have posted irrationally without collecting their thoughts, seriously. Have they never heard the saying, if you have nothing good to say then shut it? Well, my advice to these stars who utilize twitter as a battle ground is to have a martini and relax. Avoid social networks when you feel the need to “release”.

This is just my opinion. I know many of you enjoy these ongoing tweet wars between celebs, but to me, it’s so childish. What do you think?

One thought on “Tweet Wars!

  1. Yeah, tweet wars are ridiculous D: I won’t mention any names but a person whose Twitter was mentioned in this post actually insulted a Japanese singer that I follow and it in turn insulted me. I personally think that stars shouldn’t air their dirty laundry over Twitter like that, but that’s just me. It’s just a simple website!

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