New Music Artists

This is a very random post. New music artists it is imperative that you come into the market with something unique. Something that cannot be identified with an existing artist. Do you know how much bullshit we are bombared with right now? It is ridiculous. I’m not venting, I’m giving advice from a very keen listeners point of view.

Please explain to me why some of ya’ll find the need to release songs talking about ‘I’m a star’, when not even a soul knows you? If you came out with a song stating: ‘I’m a bicycle’, it would be more intriguing. I would be more than obligated to pay attention. I mean, it is not everyday that bicycles sing.

It is important that you sing.  Give me a reason to stop thinking that I am a young Aretha Franklin when heavens knows I can’t carry a tune to save anybody’s life not even my own.

New rappers, quit talking about jail time when you know very well the reason nobody has seen you for days or years is because you’ve been performing for family from the basement of your house. How about rap about the world is going green? Whiz Khalifa has made color rapping quite the thing. Borrow a leaf from him.

That’s it for now, random but very true…

Happy Sunday ya’ll!

Share your positive thoughts, not your animosity!!

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