The BIG BANG hype!

These guys certainly know how to keep their VIPS anxious. Kpop group BIG BANG has been away from the music scene in their homeland for quite some time, therefore their return had to bring it! By this I mean taunt their fans by releasing several photos of their new concept, and of course all the sub projects they’ve been doing leading up to their return as a group. One can only guess what their new mini album (they couldn’t record a full length album being that they left for so long? so cheap) has in store. Well, guess no further. BIG BANG has unveiled a teaser video and it appears like their in Las Vegas. Anyhoo, the teaser is just a video for their intro track, check it out below:



2 thoughts on “The BIG BANG hype!

  1. Sorry for the lack of comments from me lately, things have been rather crazy (and are continuing to be so) in my life right now but I just wanted to say that YES I feel like it’s cheap and I’m so disappointed that they’re not releasing a full album after all this time. Especially since we were told it would be a full album at first. And I think there’s also some Korean remakes of their Japanese songs on their, too. What’s up with that? D: Not entirely sure if I blame the members, though. Maybe more like YG? I feel like he’s doing the same thing with Big Bang that he did to Se7en by focusing more on them debuting in America than them making music in Korea 😦 It’s sad and I hope that they and their music don’t suffer from it. I haven’t had the time to listen to anything from their mini-album yet but hopefully it’s good!

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