Antonio Mclendon: An RnB star in the making

New England is well known for its clam chowder, but not so much for its artistry. Allow me to introduce to you Antonio Mclendon from Providence, RI, the smallest state in the U.S.

He is an immensely multi-talented artist who plays five instruments: the piano, drums, bass, lead guitar, saxaphone and the trumpet. Additionally he sings, produces and composes songs.  He cites his father as being his greatest musical influence.

Genre wise, his focus is on smooth RnB. Which has an old school feel to it that is devoid of today’s  music. Mend your broken heart is his first single, where he promises to treat her like a queen as remedy for being broken hearted.  Take a listen.

My favorite is Puppy Love. Take a listen here.

I’ve personally heard him sing and he is really good live. We have to start appreciating artists that are not autotuned the heck out (ATHO).

More information on this rising star will be coming your way as soon as I can schedule an interview with him. Management holla at us!

Happy Mendings and Puppies!

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