[Review] BIG BANG is back, but are fans pleased?

I previously posted about BIG BANG‘s comeback to the kpop scene, and even featured their video teaser for the intro track ‘Thank You & You‘. Well, YG Entertainment’s most valuable asset has released their 4th mini album today. The mini album consists of 6, and (I fool you not) only 6 tracks, including the lead single ‘Tonight‘. So was this comeback worth the wait of their precious VIPs after such a long time from kpop? Absolutely NOT. Are you kidding me YG, you couldn’t put more of an effort and add a couple more songs? Well anyways, I’m not a VIP and never was, so this doesn’t faze me. However, I can’t help but feel sad for their unlucky fans for this half-assed new release. Anyways, as I gather my thoughts and divert from the aforementioned issue, I decided to go ahead and give my quick review on the 6 track EP.

The Intro – Thank You & You is a song of apparent meaning. The group’s sending their appreciation to their very loyal fans. I like this intro because of the beat, unfortunately the overtly use of autotune doesn’t help the situation, rather it affects my ears and distracts me from their actual voices. What’s up with YG and autotune lately? It reverberates in all 6 songs. So annoying. I don’t see the neccessity for it either when you have excellent singers like Taeyang and Daesung, maybe Seungri. GD & TOP are rappers with their own individual swag, especially TOP’s deep voice, so vocal adjustments should be out of the question. What we have here is a case of conforming to the trend of the industry. Take a listen:

Hands Up is a groovy dance track as like Tonight. I like the sounds of concert cheers in the background of Tonight. The song sounds like it’s coming straight from the stage. Hands Up reminds me somewhat of bubblegum pop. Like I’m envisioning BIG BANG busting out in pink outfits for the song’s live performance. It’s a cool song regardless and one could rock to it when in need of getting uplifted.

Sadly the fourth & fifth songs, I am so not feeling. I barely got through both. Somebody to Love and What is Love backs up my previous statement that this album took no effort. I can’t even find the appropriate words to convey my distress about these two songs. Fortunately Cafe revived my interest. Though it’s the last track on the EP, the song sounds more worthy of my attention. I love the melodies, vocals didn’t any ‘corrections’, and the raps were hot. I particularly like how they fused jazz, funk and hip hop together. Cafe is my favorite song on this mini album, but I wouldn’t purchase it because one track isn’t good enough for me to do so. Have a listen:

Overall, I give BIG BANG’s 4th mini album 3 stars. Why? regardless of its weak delivery, the group did stick to their dance concept that we’re used to. However, my advice to them, instead of focusing entirely on Japan and America, they should also remain true to their home base, as kpop fans deserve far more than the latest caca YG has thrown at them.


Audio credit: MrTadaMusic

3 thoughts on “[Review] BIG BANG is back, but are fans pleased?

  1. I don’t get what all the hype is about, only ‘tonight’ sounds good..cafe isn’t too bad for real but they could have released a full length instead of this bullshit.

  2. I have to agree with you.. for me personally this album really wasn’t worth the wait at all. Big Bang is my favorite Korean group (they’re my top artist on Last.fm with like 2,000+ plays) so I was pretty darn annoyed when this came out and I only liked one song on it (Hands Up). I really love their Japanese material. As a matter of fact their debut album in Japan was the first one I ever bought from them. But I really feel like they need to jump off the electro bandwagon and start making awesome hip hop and rap songs again like Big Boy, Hallelujah, and Chingu (Friend) because I miss those days a lot 😦 And yeah the autotune is annoying, too, I have to agree. I don’t mind autotune sometimes but lately it’s becoming more and more present in their music and I’m not sure why when you have an awesome singer like Daesung (not to mention Taeyaeng and Seungri is pretty good, too) and badass rappers like GD and T.O.P!

    1. you’re so right..for real they used to be like ‘street’ with their music, even the dancing was b-boy an all with taeyang and the braids, their concept sucks these days

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