Whatcha think bout “Til the World Ends”?

In case you haven’t been following pop news lately, let me update you. Britney Spears has made it official that ‘Til the World Ends” will be her second single from “Femme Fatale“. The new single was actually written by Ke$ha aka K-Money (w/e), and produced by Dr. Luke and Max Martin. I like the song, but I was loving “Inside Out” more. That track definitely impressed me. Anyways, if you’re being left behind click the image above to hear “Til the World Ends“.

Credit: Britney.com 

One thought on “Whatcha think bout “Til the World Ends”?

  1. It sounds pretty cool! I could definitely see the Ke$ha influences there even though I don’t really listen to her music much. I bet people will love it as a single 🙂

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