Beauty Bits #5: Spring Haircuts

Try out these sexy spring haircuts donned by your favorite celebs:

 Emma Watson’s polished pixie cut will bring out natural beauty. Ask your stylist for a rounded layered technique—the hair should hug the shape of your head, and should be blunt, not choppy.















Kelly Rowland’s side-swept crow is a asymmetrical cut that accentuates high cheekbones. Ask for an extreme asymetrical cut that’s tapered toward the crown—and don’t forget highlights.










Rachel McAdams’ bouncy layers creates volume and texture. The long layers and mid-length bangs also make it perfect for someone who is growing out their hair. Ask for a collarbone-length cut with long layers and an angled fringe.










Jessica Alba’s punky bob flatters the shape of your face; long layers also creates a sexy feel. The highlights also bring out the softness of the layers. It isn’t noticeable, but the back of the cut is slightly shorter than the front.










Keira Knightley’s textured bob draws attention while the long fringe opens up the face. Ask for a graduated bob with longer layers through the front.

One thought on “Beauty Bits #5: Spring Haircuts

  1. Very nice ❤ I really like Keira's hair. That's probably the hairstyle I will go for next! If I can ever find some time to get to the salon, haha.

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