Conya Doss “can’t be placed in a box”

Conya Doss is not your average artist. Her sound ranges from neo-soul, to r&b, and a little funk, but ask Ms. Doss what kind of music she makes and she’ll simply say “It’s like gumbo”; being inspired by so many greats, it’s no wonder this Cleveland native doesn’t place her art within a box.

Conya’s energetic and entertaining live performances have her audience rocking out and hungry for more. She’s truly incomparable and exceptional at what she does. There’s no stopping a talented artist that is driven for success.

Doss’ latest album “Blu Transition” introduces listeners to another chapter in the artist’s life, as well as the journey she’s been on leading up to its release. Watch her music video for “All in You” below, and read our exclusive interview with Conya Doss to learn more about this amazing artist:



EY: For those still missing out and haven’t caught up to your music, please tell them who Conya Doss is.

“Conya Doss is a new mother, a teacher, and an recording Artist who has completed her 5th album Blu Transition.”


EY: You’re originally from Cleveland; can you tell us what life was like growing up there and when did you realize you wanted to become an entertainer?

CD: I don’t ever remember not singing or being around music.  I have a large family and at gathering, we’d always have sing a longs. Of course, I’d sing Natalie Cole’s “I Got Love On My Mind”


EY: You stated that it’s hard to categorize your music into one genre because it narrows your audience, so exactly how do you describe your style of music?  

CD: It’s like gumbo, I have been inspired by every genre of music from Charlie Pride to Steve Perry, Nina Simone, and Stevie Wonder.  So it’s hard to be placed in a box.


EY: Who are some of your influences?

CD: Nina Simone, Etherl Waters, Stevie Wonder, Prince, Sade, Mary J. Bilge, Mint Condition, Jodeci, and it goes on and on and on..


EY: Not only are you a singer and songwriter but you’ve received teaching credentials as well. What inspired you to become a teacher, and have you connected your music to the classroom in any way?

CD: Yes, I incorporate music to get away from the traditional method of teaching, I usage for Language arts. Creative writing etc..


EY: Explain the concept behind your 2002 debut album ‘A Poem about Ms. Doss’ and your decision to start your own record label?

CD: It was a messed up situation which encouraged me to try things on my own.


EY: ‘Love Rain Down’, your third album released in 2006, reflected somewhat of the journey of finding love. What influenced you to create this album, was it a depiction of what you were experiencing at that time in your life?

CD: Yes, as with all of my records, one will get a picture of my place in life at a specific time.


EY: How do you mentally prepare yourself for a show? Your live performances are very soulful and energetic. 

CD: I just do it! Off stage, I am very shy and reserved. It’s like an alter ego. Lol


EY: You’ve received various awards and nominations for your music. What are your feelings on getting such appreciations, and how do you maintain that focus without being fazed?

CD: If I can reach one person and inspired them, I am inspired and I just keep things moving.


EY:  The single All in You’ is truly a beautiful song. I particularly like the lines “I’m gonna take a chance and let my guards down. Just follow my heart, and let the chips fall where they may lay.” Lovely music video as well. What inspired such an “amazing” song?

CD: My son Blu, and people around me who care about me unconditionally. When the tide is high people show you their true selves.


EY: Please explain the concept behind your latest album ‘Blu Transition’, and how have you ‘transitioned’ over the years?

CD: Losing a parent, grandparent, and becoming a caregiver for an ailing grandmother, along with being pregnant has been a heck of a transition in so many ways.  Music was definitely my refuge, as well as teaching. My new record definitely is telling my story from the past two years in every sense of the word.


EY: What’s next for Conya Doss?

CD: Steady grinding!


EY: What do you hope listeners will take from your music?

CD: An experience of an independent artist who has stayed true to herself and needs to be heard.


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