Help Japan!

Certainly by now everyone knows what’s been going on in Japan. On Friday (March 11, 2011) an earthquake with a magnitude of 8.9 struck the east coast of Honshu, following with a powerful tsunami and nuclear explosions. Many celebs worldwide are doing what they can to provide relief for the thousands of people affected by the disaster. Currently the number is still uncertain, but has been estimated to be over 10,000. 

You can do what you can by donating through various websites on the web including the following:

Music for Relief

Don’t think there’s nothing you can do. We are the world. Remember even a prayer is enough.

One thought on “Help Japan!

  1. I’ve really sucked with comments lately. I’m sorry 😦 Life has still been proving to be crazy but I’m still telling people about the site and spreading the word because I love this place ❤ Anyway, I hope everyone does their best to help Japan! I have a few friends over there who I was quite worried about when I heard what happened. Thankfully they are okay, but my heart really goes out to all those lost in the tragedy. Yesterday I gave to the people of Japan and donated all of my Swagbucks (which were converted from SB to money) via where they are taking donations from users. I was trying to earn lots towards a Playstation 3 but I figured that helping people in need was more important than playing the new Final Fantasy game. Plus, the Japanese culture has been part of my daily life for nearly ten years–whether it be music, food, movies, friends, etc–and it has really enriched my life and I would not feel right about not giving back to them when they've given a lot to me. There are so many ways to help these people and every little bit helps. Even if it's just $5, that's quite a few bowls of rice that could go to sick, hungry, and hurt people in need. Maybe even children! I'm wish all the luck in the world to these people and I hope they have a fast recovery. ❤

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