Randomly hilarious: Life happens

Sometimes life does not pan out the way we thought it would. Shit happens and throws everything off course.  In that instance, retracing our steps and going back to the drawing board to rediscover our purpose in life becomes important.

If you find yourself in need of re-organizing, the following is a helpful guide-that has not been endorsed by a professional (read doctor) as being effective. But it is worth a try, at your own risk.

1.) Close the blinds, lock the doors, and SCREAM the hell out. SCREAM, SCREAM, SCREAM, SCREAM and SCREAM some more. 10 minutes of non-stop screaming should have the following outcome: fatigue and a neighbor who can’t seem to mind their business knocking at your door pretending to be concerned, when the reality is that they are just being nosey.

2.)  Take a yoga stand-preferably the one with your right leg slightly leaning on your left-overlooking a beautiful scenery-think lush green grass a la Ireland- and meditate, on WTF is happening? If you do not live in an area with beautiful scenery, ummm look at the rooftop patterns of your neighbors house. They somewhat have an artistic bend to them. Breathe slowly and Meditate.Outcome: Tears. Let them flow. There is no need of pretending to be a g when you are in the midst of a battlefield!

3.) After completing #1, and #2 successfully you should be in a position to think more objectively, having cleared and vented your frustrations. If you did not successfully complete task one and two, do them repeatedly until a success story worth Oprah’s time becomes newsworthy.

4.)  Now that your emotions are in a more balanced state, realize that no man is an island. TALK it out with somebody.  Whereas before, the scenery  and apartment could not  talk back identify or rather find somebody. If you take public transportation, make sure you sit next to an elderly person. They like to talk and be talked to. Talk to them. If you have a car, go to a McDonald’s drive through and order something, just when the transaction is about to end.  Just say: “Excuse me sir, miss ummm… and talk as much as you can before the manager comes through the speakers  and the other drivers start honking.  Now, if your means of transportation are your legs. Guess what. You have the best options.  Smile and stop the very first person that smiles back at you. Once you’ve established the smilies, proceed to talk to the person. However, do make sure you keep it at arms length just in case they decide to swing a hand or two in your face. Kind of like slap the living daylights out of your frustrated ass.

5.) At this point in time, the levels of frustration and anger should have somewhat drastically reduced.  You should no longer be in a state of WTF, it should now be “Whew, I feel so much better”.

6.)  Realize that this guide is solely meant to humor you out of a frustrating phase…well at least while you are reading this.


Happy Life Happenings!


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