Rihanna has daddy issues?

Magazine — Rihanna: Living Out Loud

In this month’s issue of Vogue, pop star Rihanna opens up about finding self-acceptance, relationships, and her father. Ri-Ri, who graces the cover of the magazine’s 10’th Annual Shape issue, talks about how the 2009 incident helped her find liberation, her movie role in the upcoming “Battleship“, loving her body, and how she copes with relationships and finding love. The singer also discusses about her relationship (or lack of) with her father. Rihanna stated that mr. Fenty had not contact her prior to the incident, and how he betrayed her by contacting the press. He basically brushed any hopes of reconciliation under the rug after selling her childhood photos recently. Damn! Anyways, you can read about that and much more in the March issue of Vogue on stands now.

Credit: Vogue

One thought on “Rihanna has daddy issues?

  1. I think most celebs have daddy issues…i remember mr. Fenty was on Extra! at one point saying how he’s disappointed at her for not contacting him or returning his phone calls, and now in this magazine Rihanna makes it clear that he lied about that and he hasn’t reached out to her, anyways I don’t really like how she’s been dressing lately, it’s like she’s driven by sex…

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