Sirenia reveals “The Enigma of Life”

Gothic Metal band Sirenia is definitely making waves back in their homeland Europe and around the globe. Their resonating sound is like no other. With a musical style songwriter/guitarist and founder Morten Veland describes as "classical and gothic elements combined with a powerful metal sound", there's no doubt that Sirenia will set a mark in the industry which will leave their name on the tongues of listeners worldwide.

Sirenia has released their fifth album "The Eniga of Life" in January 2011, and are currently gearing up for some hot European lives this summer. Check out their latest music video for 'The End of it All" below, and definitely read the interview to learn more about this awesome band:


EY: Thank you for taking the time. Please tell us the meaning behind the name ‘Sirenia’, and how the band got started.

Morten: The name Sirenia is based on the Sirens from Greek mythology. I formed Sirenia in the beginning of 2001 recently after the split with my former band. At first Sirenia was meant as a studio project, but I realized that I was missing the touring and I quickly decided to form a band so that Sirenia were able to go on tour as well.


EY: Can you describe your musical style, and what inspires your lyrics?

Morten: The enigma of life’ is an album consisting of twelve songs plus some bonus material. The album is not a concept album, we are looking at twelve individual tracks. It is our fifth studio album and it represents Sirenia in a mature and improved version. I always thought it was somewhat difficult to label or describe our sound, but to give the readers an idea of what we are about I would say that Sirenia is a female fronted metal band. Our musical concept is all about blending musical styles into a bigger concept. Most important is the classical and gothic elements combined with a powerful metal sound. Our music is melodic, dark and full of dynamics and atmosphere. In addition  to the female vocals we also use choirs, growls and clean male vocals. Personally I feel that we have been able to make a big step with this album, not with reinventing ourselves, but with improving and perfecting the elements in our music along with the performances on the album. My lyrics are mostly inspired by my life and all the things I go through. But I also draw a lot of inspiration from the society we live in and the Scandinavian nature. Especially autumn and winter is very inspiring to me.


EY: In terms of the gothic metal scene, which is evidently popular throughout Europe, what sets Sirenia apart from the rest?

Morten: I think it must be the diversity of our musical concept and how we mix elements from so many different musical styles. I also think that Sirenia is very strong melodically.


EY: Who are some of your musical influences?

Morten: I listen to a lot of different artists and bands. Some of my biggest musical inspirations are: The Sisters of Mercy, Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave, The Cardigans, all the way to film music and extreme metal bands from the nineties.


EY: Tell us the story behind the 2002 debut album ‘At sixes and Sevens’, and your thoughts on finally getting your music out there.

Morten: I was very motivated at the time and I was full of musical ideas. I remember this period was very exciting because I broke out of an already established band and I had to prove my things all over again with a new band and a new start. I remember it felt like a great achievement to release this album, and it became the beginning of a new musical journey that has lasted for ten years already.


EY: Ailyn, you were a contestant on the Spanish X-Factor. How has that experience impacted your life?

Ailyn: The experience on X Factor was nice. I learned a lot of things. I had not too much experience on the stage before I was on this program so I was very nervous. I also met a lot of nice people so I think was good 8)


EY: You guys have received positive reception for your music, and performed at huge shows across Europe and South America. Describe how you feel about your achievements so far and how do you retain that genuine hunger to make music that some musicians lose once they’ve gained international exposure?

Morten: We have achieved some nice things so far in our career, but you know there is always a lot of new things that you want to achieve and experience, so there is always new challenges motivating us. We are very eager to tour in new parts of the world and constantly reaching out to more people with our music.



EY: With some line-up changes over the years, how has the band maintained that stronghold that enables you to continue making music and perform?

Morten: Regarding the music it has always been written by me, so the song writing force of the band has always remained the same. When searching for new band members it is important to find musicians that are motivated and dedicated to the music.


EY: You’ve just released your fifth studio album on Januray 21st titled ‘The Enigma of Life’, congrats to you guys. Can you please describe the concept of the new album?

Morten: The enigma of life’ is our fifth studio album and it represents Sirenia in a more mature and improved version. Our musical concept is more or less the same that we had on our two previous albums as well. But we constantly try to improve all the different elements of our musical concept and the solutions that we choose. I think it is a very well thought out album, all the elements are there for a reason, and everything is done in the way it is because of a reason as well. Hehe.

EY: On your official website it states that with ‘The Enigma of Life’ album, the band shows that`you’ve staked out your musical path and perfected your unique style. Tell us how the band has evolved since your debut?

Morten: We pretty much staked out our path and musical concept with ‘The 13th Floor’ and with this new album we have tried to perfect the concept and take it a level higher. I do not think that there is any huge differences musically speaking between the two albums, so the listeners can’t really expect any huge surprises, but I think that we have been able to make great improvements this time and with vocal performances and melodies especially, this is for me the biggest change between this and the previous album.


EY: I really like the single ‘The End of It All’. Can you please explain in depth what the song is about?

Morten: I never was a fan of explaining my lyrics. I always prefer to leave that up to the listeners so they can draw their own meanings out of my songs.  Going into details on my lyrics would feel like tearing down something that I spent a long time building up.

 EY: That’s understandable.

Best of luck with your upcoming summer shows. Do you have any other plans for the New Year?

Morten: We have confirmed Wacken open air and several summer festivals here in Europe. In the autumn we will first tour Europe, then south America and later hopefully north America as well. We are motivated to tour a lot, so we hope that we are able to also visit some new coutries this year.


EY: What do you hope your listeners will take from your music?

Morten: I hope that our music will trigger some emotions in the listeners and that the new album will give them some great listening experiences.


EY: Would you please leave a message to your fans worldwide?

Cheers to the Sirenia fans out there. We hope to see you all on tour this year. Cheers!!


Find more information on Sirenia by visiting the following sites:


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  1. Ooh, AWESOME interview!! Sirenia is a pretty cool band. I have so many favorites from them–In Sumerian Haze, The Other Side, Sirens of the Seven Seas, The Path To Decay, etc. They have really good melodies. I was a really big fan of Ailyn before she joined Sirenia (I’m actually a member of her fanclub) so I was reeeeeally happy when she joined and The 13th Floor is probably my favorite album from them 🙂 The Enigma Of Life was enjoyable, too, there were quite a few stand-out tracks on it for me. It’s really intriguing what Morten said about it.. that everything was done for a reason. I love that!

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