[Review] Chris Brown’s “F.A.M.E.”

You can’t ignore the fact that Chris Brown‘s fourth release is the definition of hot. “F.A.M.E.” embodies a mixture of mind-blowing r&b, pop and dance songs. An impressive combination indeed, I mean the album is #1 on Billboard and reached the top 10 on several European charts, need I say more. And while I have this fantastic piece on replay, I will make my best attempt to convey my thoughts to you in the following review:

1. Deuces: What better way to start off an album than by listing the number one global hit track in its rightful place. There’s no way I could make the words any clearer than Chris. It’s about finding someone more compatible than the last. Basically, someone who gets you, treats you the way you want to be treated, and shares the same feelings. Awesome song, and my absolute favorite since “Run It” and “Kiss Kiss“. Falls into the category of ‘Club bangers that never gets old’.

2. Up to You:What the hell! This should definitely be a single. This track is the true epitome of what a smooth r&b song in 2011 should sound like. Chris knows he’s in love. He’s certain of his feelings and where he wants to go next, but he wants the girl to decide what to do. He also assures her that he’s willing to do whatever she wants him to do, that they can take it slow and work everything out. ‘From here on I’m gonna leave it up to you’.

3. No BS: The laid back bedroom anthem. This track was also included on his mixtape ‘Fan of a Fan‘, along with ‘Deuces‘.  If you’re completely oblivious to what I’m talking about, then maybe you need to brush up on your pop culture. No BS is all about long lasting pleasure. Getting right into it without wasting time. No further explanation is relevant.

4. Look at Me Now: Chris shows off his rap skills, and damn he’s good. Busta Rhymes and Lil Wayne are featured on this wicked track. Not to mention the music video’s choreography is beyond what words can describe. Chris maintains his confidence, while haters keep hating on his flow. Busta adds so much swag to this song. There was a time I wondered if he ever took a breath. His rap is tight. And what is a track about being and staying cocky without Lil Wayne, Mr. super confident himself.

5. She Aint You: You can never replace a past love if the love won’t stay in the past to begin with. Chris samples Michael Jackson‘s ‘Human Nature‘ and SWV‘s ‘Right Here‘, providing his own rendition on a fly beat from the 90’s. He’s currently seeing someone else but his feelings for the last one still remains. He’s considering leaving the girl he’s with now because no matter what, she just isn’t like his past love. A completely relatable song. Who hasn’t been in a situation like that? I also love the vocals in the background covering Michael’s addlibs.

6. Say It With Me: I love you so don’t play with my heart. Sometimes we invest so much into a relationship while the other takes us for granted. Chris wants the girl to reassure him because he’s having doubts about her love. He reminds her of all the promises she made and all the good times they had. It’s the worst pain to be heartbroken, so he wants her to say she won’t hurt him. I love the lyrics on this album. So deep but entirely straightforward.

7. Yeah 3X: ‘Forever’ part 2. I liked this song because of its feel good vibe. Makes you feel like walking around your neighborhood, laughing with everyone like you lost your mind, and dancing in the street. It gives off that energy that you might have lost after a long stressful day. That’s it right there, ‘Yeah 3x’ is the stress reliever.

8. Next 2 You: The ‘I Love You’ anthem. This track is a duet with Justin Bieber but I almost forgot he was on it because Chris’ vocals are just awe-mazing. It’s a beautiful song about always being there for the one you love, and how you appreciate every single part of their existence.

9. All Back: Losing something really amazing, and now you want it all back. My favorite track on the album. I love Chris’ vocals on this one: so passionate, and filled with emotions. You can certainly tell he’s singing with all he’s got. The song is about missing the love you’ve lost, not realizing what you had until it’s gone. Chris incorporates rock into this beautiful r&b ballad.

10. Wet the Bed: Love making at best. It’s all about satisfaction for both Chris and his girl. He’s ready and willing to do his utmost best in pleasing the one he’s with. Love can take you to the highest place you can ever imagine. Ludacris adds fuel to this fiery track.

11. Oh My Love: Took me by surprise. The song flows well at mid-tempo for the verses but speeds up by the hook and chorus. It’s definitely r&b fusing with pop on this one. Reminds me of a Timbaland beat. The song is like a continuation from the last. Taking a chance with love, finding a sense of adventure, and possibly all the love you desire.

12. Should’ve Kissed You: Regretting your missed chances at love. Chris read our minds with this one. Often times we like someone but too afraid to let them know. We deny our hearts and think too much about rejection. Chris can’t seem to find the confidence to make a move. He realizes he had many chances but blew it. Now that he’s not afraid anymore, next time he will let the girl know how he feels.

13. Beautiful People: ‘Let’s conclude this party by dancing together’ is what I got from this electro house, europop track. Benny Benassi, who also co-wrote and produced the song, helps out Chris in trying to send a message of positivity. The music video is also a reflection of this message, that we should live life to the fullest and appreciate a good dance therapy.

Overall, I give F.A.M.E. a rating of 5/5. There’s nothing I could find as a flaw. Every song was well written, well produced, and well placed. Every track could be a single. Chris Brown and crew definitely knows how to put a good album together, and F.A.M.E. absolutely took my breath away. He had me at hello! Be sure to purchase and support his music.

One thought on “[Review] Chris Brown’s “F.A.M.E.”

  1. This album shows what we’ve been missing these past few years, “Talent”. Chris is a very talented young man and all the haters should realize that and stop judging him based on his past. Everyone deserves a 2nd chance, even Chris.

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