“It’s my fault you cheated?”

Lame is the man who blames the woman for his unfaithfulness. Maybe not often, but there are times when men do this kind of thing. What does that mean exactly? Because I wasn’t submissive enough, or ’cause I nagged you about your bad ways, or maybe I was always encouraging you to be more ambitious, you went out and cheated? Though it is inexcusable, experts say men sometimes cheat because of the aforementioned, particularly a nagging woman.

Couples who argue a lot drives distance in the relationship, sometimes leading one to cheat. Mainly the man. In my opinion, a man shouldn’t resort to cheating because he can’t put up with the woman’s nagging. If he feels overwhelmed then maybe he should just say something about it. But don’t start off that conversation with “look, because you’re nagging me so much I feel like cheating on you”, that’s a definite no no. Men often try to get away from a critical or argumentative partner, but running makes no difference only make them out to be cowards. Face that issue in the relationship, communicate with each other, and if you cannot come to a census then maybe you should call it quits. Who wants to be constantly stressed out? No one. Think about it guys. If there’s something about you that needs evaluation and your girl sees that, she will obviously discuss it with you. But of course, guys will be defensive and it’s only natural for them to want to remain the same and not change at all. And that is totally understandable if you want someone to just accept you as you are, but if that little thing about you is escalating into something major and problematic that your girl cannot handle, then just work on it without cheating.

This is my all in my opinion. Leave your thoughts below.

2 thoughts on ““It’s my fault you cheated?”

  1. Wow, what an interesting blog post you wrote and I cannot but agree with you. Guys blaming their ladies for turning to cheat are just lame really. It is like telling a wife or girlfriend that she is not good enough and is the cause of driving him to cheat. Guys who use blame and use lame excuses are real idiots and cowards

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