Katy Perry becomes “E.T.” for music video

Katy Perry, Kabuki, E.T.

The inspiration behind Katy Perry‘s make-up concept for her latest music video. The concept behind “E.T.” is explained by Perry’s makeup artist Kabuki, who was also the consultant behind the futuristic “Tron: Legacy“. The artist used three concept for his creation: Alien, Fawn, and Tribal. Check out the images below:

Katy Perry, E.T., Kabuki
Alien Kabuki gave some tips on how to recreate Perry's vibrant lip color. "Fill in the lips with a dark violet eyeliner pencil and a matching lip color. Highlight the center with metallic violet eyeshadow."
Katy Perry, E.T., Kabuki
Alien "For the pattern on the forehead, I created my own silkscreen stencil and airbrushed through it," Kabuki said. "The effect can be duplicated by loading a big blush brush with fuchsia eye shadow and applying it through a paper doily or a piece of lace."
Katy Perry, E.T., Kabuki
Alien "I held my breath when Katy put the contact lenses in," Kabuki explained. "It took me so long to do the eye makeup!" He explained the process: "With a royal blue cream makeup, define the upper crease of the eyelid and blend outwards and upward till it wings out the eye in a kind of Egyptian style. Set with powder, and using the same cream, paint a blue border framing the face, making it look like a mask. Paint a tapering line of electric blue liquid liner under the lower lashes and give it time to dry."
Katy Perry, E.T., Kabuki
Tribal "The tribal look was something I did in a Manish Arora fashion show, that was something I designed previously," Kabuki said. "Using a light pencil will help cut down on mistakes. Then, go over with a navy blue eyeliner pencil. A mechanical pencil is the best as it is always the same thickness and doesn’t need sharpening. Using foundation, clean and sharpen the lines. When you are happy with the line design, set with a neutral powder.
Katy Perry, E.T., Kabuki
Tribal "She did a lot a stuff in midair," Kabuki said. "Sometimes we had to climb a ladder to do the touch-ups. It was like working on the Statue of Liberty!"
Katy Perry, E.T., Kabuki
Tribal "I used a MAC orange lipstick to create the color across the eyes." Kabuki said. "The eyes are outlined in black pencil and black cream eyeliner. The inner and outer corners are extended a little and squared off for a digital effect. Large orange Swarovski crystals are used in the center of the forehead and on the edges of the rectangle around the eyes, like bookends. Lash glue is the best way to apply them. I glued them ahead of time onto a fine orange mesh and applied it as one piece rather than individually."
Katy Perry, E.T., Kabuki
Fawn "Create the fawn-inspired spots on the forehead and cheek bones with a medium brown cream concealer, a dry consistency works the best," Kabuki explained. "Start with the larger shapes and work outward to the smaller ones. With a brown pencil, outline the shapes. Use a white pencil or liquid liner to continue the shapes under the outer eyebrow."
Katy Perry, E.T., Kabuki
Fawn "We did a brief test on this fawn look, and Katy said "Oh, I really like eyelashes." So, we tried it out and it was the finishing touch we needed," said Kabuki
Katy Perry, E.T., Kabuki
A nail specialist created Katy Perry's talons


Credit: Instyle

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