[Review] Britney Spears’ “Femme Fatale”

Femme Fatale

Britney has converted to Dance. I don’t see how people are calling this an entirely pop album, ’cause the last time I checked Pop and Dance are too different genres. And Ms. Spears has transitioned into Dance on her seventh album “Femme Fatale“, with the exception of 3 tracks. I’ve concluded with the fact that maybe the label wanted to conform with the going trend of the industry right now, which happens to be a combination of europop, electro and dance. It’s not that I don’t like the album, that’s quite the opposite. I accept it, but there’s nothing mind-blowing, except the fact that Britney changes her vocals throughout the album so fans don’t tire of it. With no further delay, let me get into more details as to help you understand track by track why this is the most unique record released from the princess of pop to date, and sure enough she’ll be at the top of Billboard next week:

1. Til The World Ends: Dance like there’s no tomorrow. A great intro for the album. The song has an hypnotic beat and a hook that feels like ecstasy. Evidently a catchy song that will keep playing until summer. It fits that season the best. It’s all about enjoying yourself, throwing your worries out the door and dancing up a sweat. I like this song, but the dance motion seem to continue in the majority of the album, leaving no room for slow tempo or Britney’s signature pop style.

2. Hold It Against Me: Sorry but I do. I wasn’t a huge fan of this song since it’s release but I have to admit it’s OK. Should have been lower down on the track list instead of right after ‘Til the World Ends‘ cos both have the same flow to it. No description necessary cos I’m sure you all get what this is about by now: I’m feeling you real bad though meeting for the first time, but don’t think any less of me for that.

3. Inside Out: My absolute favorite track on the album. Hope this is her next single. This is where the Pop vibe kicks in, with a mixture of slow tempo electro. I wished they continued with similar styles but the Dance feel comes right back after this hot song. The track is all about love making before breaking up. Britney has been anticipating her man’s arrival, even though they’re about to end it, she wants him to rock her world and turn her inside out one last time. He knows every thing in her book. He’s the only one who knows how to satisfy her. It’s a wild ride for one more night!

4. I Wanna Go: Britney wants to unleash. It’s about releasing what she’s been bottling up, namely, her freaky side. She doesn’t want to be controlled, rather she wants to live her life and not be contained. Interesting!

5. How I Roll: Such a weird but fresh song. Britney is singing about how she has fun. What makes her feel stress free and relaxed. She’s describing all this to see if the guy can keep up and hang with her. It’s all in a day’s work for her.

6. (Drop Dead) Beautiful: Completely taken by his beautiful existence. Britney is captivated by how fly this guy looks. She’s so mesmerized that she wants him to be hers tonight. Certainly he must have heard all those compliments before, but she still wants to convey her feelings. Sabi‘s rap reminds me of Ke$ha‘s wackiness, it’s all good though. Not a bad song, too auto-tuned.

7. Seal It With A Kiss: It’s evident that both share the same feelings. On the low down, Britney wants to have a good time with the guy, but play pretend in public. It’s like he’s her boyfriend in secret but just a friend in the public eye. I like this song, and it’s one of the poppy tracks.

8. Big Fat Bass: Sounds like the previous track, and kinda loses me here. It’s my utmost least favorite. This song is not only weird, but a black sheep on the album. Doesn’t make sense at all, and seems like a space filler. I’m sure they could’ve included something much better in this spot, but it is a Will.i.am production so it is expected. The song is also very repetitive, and annoying. I barely made it through the entire thing.

9. Trouble For Me: Auto-tune needs taming, ’cause her vocals are so clear and soft without it. The song isn’t bad, but wasn’t feeling the synths in the intro. Seems like she was singing to liquor in the first verse LOL. She gets taken to a more fun and forbidden place when she’s with the guy. As a couple they’re a disaster. They get wild at the party together, and he pleases her in every way, but he’s big trouble for her.

10. Trip To Your Heart: Another dance track. It goes on and on, and becomes somewhat boring. However, I kind of like the harmony and lyrics to this song. She’s enamored by the guy. Brit is singing about her feelings for the guy. It’s kind of a poetic vibe. The words are actually deep. Cool song.

11. Gasoline: My second favorite track. Reminds me of ‘Toxic‘ in a way, or maybe it’s like a ‘Toxic‘ part 2. It’s like she’s being lit up when she’s with the guy. He sets off the heat within her. A hot track indeed.

12. Criminal: In love with a bad boy. I like her vocals on this track, and I don’t hear auto-tune so maybe it’s just Britney singing here. My third favorite song on the record. Basically Brit’s fallen for a guy her mother has always warned her about. It’s a relatable track. We all fall for someone who will bring us heartache at times, and deep down we know we should let them go but sometimes the the physical aspect of the relationship makes us stay. The only Pop song on the album that isn’t tainted by electro or dance. Great way to end the album, wish there was more like this on it though.

Overall, I rate Brit’s latest 4/5. ‘Femme Fatale‘ is certainly out of Britney’s comfort zone, and sure enough out of ours as well. Though it’s somewhat a strange put together, the album is perfect for the club, and the songs are reasonably good.


Images: Britney.com

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