Do you know the “Source Code?”


Jake Gyllenhaal‘s latest sci-fi thriller had me at the edge of my seat. The movie was an adrenaline the moment it began til the credits rolled. Ok I’m getting carried away, but that’s how sick “Source Code” is. Here’s my brief review. Jake plays a soldier who awakens on a moving train and finds a weird girl, played by Michelle Monaghan, talking to him casually like they’ve known each other for years, and calling him by a name he is unaware of. Jake gets frantic and starts to ponder on what exactly is going on, later checking out his reflection in the mirror to find someone else looking back. Shortly after, the train blows up and Jake wakes up inside this weird room filled with some enhanced technological equipment that hasn’t hit the market yet. He is then briefed on what’s really happening, about going back in time for a few minutes to find out just who bombed the train so they can prevent the next tragedy. Jake eventually does go back but is unable to figure out who actually blew up the train. However, he becomes somewhat intrigued by Michelle’s character (basically he fell for her) and insists on going back in order to save her life and locate the terrorist.

It’s quite mind blowing and I do recommend EY readers to go watch ’cause it’s definitely worth your money and eyesight. Need I say more!

One thought on “Do you know the “Source Code?”

  1. Source Code is a smart, suspenseful Sci-Fi action/thriller which takes the concept behind the hit comedy “Groudhog Day” and mixes it with some Twilight-Zone-Style elements for the post “Inception” era (I know it sounds like a weird hybrid…) and somehow makes it the most exciting and original film I’ve seen this year.

    if you regard cinema as entertainment, you can’t get better than this.

    I loved it!!!!


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