“I love him but he’s married”

When is it ever okay for a woman to date a married man, or date one who’s married but separated? I remember back in the day it was so classless for a woman to do such a thing, that she would make sure it was kept in the closet. These days, the mistresses are out in the open and up in the wife’s face with it. Some well known celebrities are guilty of dating married men out in the public, and are accused of breaking up homes. For example, Alicia Keys, Kat Von D (and all the other females who dated Jesse James), Fantasia, and who can forget LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian’s very heated and public affair. Both dumped their significant other to start dating after filming the soft erotic Lifetime movie “Northern Lights“. Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade dated for years before he finally filed for divorce. Wade’s ex wife filed a lawsuit against Gabrielle claiming that she has caused Wade’s sons emotional distress and how she seduced a married man causing the destruction of a happy home.

It’s never a pleasant thing when a home is wrecked because of one’s new found lust, or supposedly new love. Especially when children are involved. It is understandable for couples to fall out of love for each other and are no longer happy together. In that case it is quite reasonable for them to get separated or divorced if things are irreconcilable. However, I disagree with having an affair and then leaving your spouse for someone else, especially if your marriage was fine to begin with. That to me means that person you’re cheating with seduced you. A relationship that starts on lies will never work out.

This is all in my own opinion. Leave your comments below.


2 thoughts on ““I love him but he’s married”

  1. What if you sincerely belief that he is your destiny, angle and soul mate? But he is married? And at times you feel like you’re his whole world! Then he just ignores your sms’e emails and phone calls for a whole week? You hurt deeply, cry your eyes out, neglect the people the closest, specially your kids and try to avoid the loneliness by sleeping the heartache away?

    Is not just on his own journey of working things out for the better of our future after all he did move in with me even thought he is still married. But went there for business now and is staying there because of finance and to see his kids.

    What to do?

    1. Thank you for your comment. We are not professionals, nor are we relationship experts. If need be, please seek out professional help. The following is just our personal take on how you could approach this sensitive issue:

      You are allowing him to have his cake and eat it too! His genuineness is highly questionable as he clearly does not care for your well-being nor emotions as he has ignored all your attempts to contact him. Moreover, he is married and it seems he’s not divorcing his wife anytime soon. Just cut him off and start a fresh. It is not going to be easy, but in the long run your worth and sanity are the most important!

      I hope this helps!

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